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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil | 23rd October | Daily Updates | Day 20

Day 20 of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil began with Mr Kamal Haasan’s entry. He says that this season is very different compared to other seasons as the fights, group formation etc had happened within 20 days of the show.

We go back to Friday’s episode. Bigg Boss appreciates Ciby’s work as leader and offers him special food. He gets chicken.

The team pick groceries for the week and there is a big quarrel for the same. The contestants talk about Imman Annachi’s criticism on food. The fight gets bigger as Imman and Abhishek exchanges words. In the end, Imman apologizes to entire house.

Mr Kamal talks about the coin round. He asks why everyone wanted to save Isai and Thamarai. He questions Abhishek whether he played the game for himself or for others. Abhishek says that he wanted to save Thamarai as he wants her to win. Kamal appreciates Raju for playing loyally and by respecting the rules. He comes back to Abhishek, asks him to allow others to play their game. He says that his strategy is to influence others. Isai and Thamarai are saved for the week.

Since after the last meet with Kamal, Suruthi wanted to reveal more to him and Kamal asks about it this week. She says that there are two groups inside the house. Priyanka adds that Abhishek and Niroop are his comfort zone, even though they are friends, they play the game genuinely.

Kamal then asks about Akshara writing to Madhumitha and how Priyanka fought for the same. Kamal points out that she had done that once earlier. He then asks about how she had broken the rules by sleeping in afternoon. He also warns her not to use bad words. Imman Annachi had already told her that.

Then we move to Akshara-Pavni fight. The latter explains what had happened and how she is hurt. Akshara explains that it is her character and if she doesn’t like anyone, she stays away from them.

Both Pavni and Akshara are saved for the week.

Niroop and Abhinay tries to make them talk.

Kamal enquires Abhishek once again and asks if he had seen Bigg Boss. He points to a few incidents.

Abhishek says that he haven’t watched one, adds that he had seen promos. Then goes to add that he had followed the trend to keep himself Updated.

Talking about Pavni-Akshara fight, he says that they haven’t understood each other yet. Five contestants are still in nomination and the result will be announced on Sunday

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