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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil 5th December Day 94 updates

bigg boss 5 tamil day 94 5 january

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 94 begins with Bigg Boss increasing the amount. From Rs 3 Lakhs, the money gets increased to Rs 5 Lakhs. Nobody wants to take it still.

Boys take over the cooking department. Raju says that the girls shouldn’t come to this side and complain about whatever happens here.

Thamarai is having a tough time not working. Priyanka scolds Thamarai for not letting the guys work and asks her to sit quietly.

The amount keeps increasing and contestants talk about the same. Pavni says that if it goes to Rs 15 Lakhs, she is all set to take and leave. At the moment, it is Rs 9 Lakhs.

Pavni talks to Thamarai and says that the amount isn’t small and she is ready to take it up and it is the smart decision.

The week’s luxury budget task is announced. There will be two phones. One is for a dare and one is for sacrifice. Either of the phones will ring at any moment and they must pick it up.

The Sacrifice phone rings and Niroop picks it up. Bigg Boss tells him that it is a luxury budget task call and this is also a part of the final task.

The house should sacrifice Sugar, Salt and onion.

Niroop says the same to the house and nobody is ready to do the same. They doubt that Niroop is either lying or he didn’t hear properly.

They also question if it is an individual task and everyone is seen fighting for the same.

Niroop says that if contestants are not doing this task, he is not ready to do any of the further tasks that will follow.

Everyone is annoyed by the same and wants him to be clear about what they must do.

Phone rings once again and this time, Ciby hears and he clears out everyone’s doubt.

-This is a luxury budget task
-This might not a guaranteed entry to the final but since people are watching it all, it would help them in the nomination.
-This task is about showing off guts.

Niroop says that it doesn’t matter what it is, they must do it as a task. Pavni says that it is all about getting out of your comfort zone. Niroop says that if they have guts, they must do it.

Priyanka and Ameer are not okay with Niroop’s words, say that they will not do it as it is not mandatory.

Niroop and Ameer have a fight based on that. Ciby says that Niroop was afraid as usual. Ciby and Raju say that he should’ve been more clear about what he had said and he should’ve asked everyone’s wish before trying to decide as it involves everyone.

The fight continues again. Everyone says that they were ready to sacrifice all these if it would take Niroop to the final but if it is a common task they must think about it.

Ciby then asks everyone whether they had understood the task when Niroop explained it. Everyone says no.

However, in the end, everyone decides to leave sugar, onion and salt for the week as they want to play the task.

Ameer, who disagreed first, agrees to leave it all but on one condition. He says that everyone must participate in every single task from now on.

Niroop talks to Pavni. He says that there is so much drama inside the house.

Raju advises Niroop. He says that he leaves out words easily in anger, something Kamal has also advised him not to do.

Later, Pavni advises Niroop and Priyanka shouts at Pavni saying that Niroop knows everything and he is just acting. She doesn’t want Pavni to pamper him.

They decide to keep the onion, Salt and Sugar inside the storeroom. Thamarai makes Saltwater and sugar water. However, the team finds it out and they didn’t want that.

Later, Priyanka tries to make coffee, realizes that the things are still in the storeroom, makes Ameer steal Sugar. When she tried to make coffee, the camera moves with her and she spills the coffee out in laughter.

Another call comes and this time they get a call on the dare phone. Every single contestant must bath in a bucket full of water mixed with cow dung. Ameer, who is already a finalist, doesn’t have to play this task.

Everyone plays the task and Priyanka tries to catch Ameer immediately after bathing.

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