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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil | 7th December | Day 65 updates

bigg boss 5 tamil day 65 7th december

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 65 begins with Akshara-Pavni conversation. They have a rift as Akshara says that Pavni is rude.

Pavni talks about it to Abhinay and he says that she is just trying to give her a hard time.

Ameer talks to Raju regarding the Abhinay-Pavni relationship.

-Sanjeev had impressed Pavni when he had helped her in adjusting her saree.
-Ameer had teased Priyanka for fun by telling her that he wants to impress Pavni in the same way. Since then Abhinay is not talking to him properly.
-Abhinay doesn’t react well when Ameer talks to Pavni alone.
-Ameer clears that he has no intentions with Pavni but is doing all these for fun. However, it is hurting Abhinay.
-Raju adds that he couldn’t change his mind from the initial impression Abhinay gave him.
-Abhinay reacts differently only to Thamarai

Raju is then teaching dance steps to everyone. Pavni is complaining about Akshara to Priyanka.

Ameer then teases Priyanka once again with Pavni. He says that he is a big fan of Pavni even before entering the house and has a fan crush on her. Pavni laughs out loud at Priyanka’s reactions.

Bigg Boss announces the round for the week. This time it is about politics. The contestants are separated into three groups and each group will represent a Katchi (Party).

Team 1
Ciby, Thamarai, Niroop and Raju

Team 2
Ameer, Abhinay, Priyanka and Pavni

Team 3
Varun, Sanjeev, Imman Annachi and Akshara

The teams must come up with names, they must do campaigns telling what they would do if they get selected and so on.

Team 1
Bigg Boss Makkal Kazhagam (BBMK)- Ciby is the leader

Team 3
NPP- Sanjeev is the leader. The team is yet to decide to the full form of their Katchi.

Team 2
Urakka Sol- Priyanka is the leader.

Bigg Boss announces task. The task name is Vetri Kodi Kattu.

There will be all three Katchi flags, one in three corners. In between the corners, there will be a big circle. Inside that circle, there will be two poles.

The game will be contested in eight rounds. For each round, all three teams must send one contestant from their team. As the buzzer goes, they must pick their flag and must plant it in the pole at the centre. The two teams that plant the flag properly will get a point each.

Imman Annachi and Thamarai get into a physical fight in order to plant the flag. In the end, Imman Annachi wins it.

BBMK and NPP teams win the round.

After the end of the round, Thamarai asks for an explanation regarding Imman’s behaviour during the round.

Each Katchi gets their new costume like politicians and they have to do a campaign for their Katchi. While doing so, they must talk about other Katchis as well and must keep things interesting.

Before the round starts, Ameer talks to Imman regarding the game. He says that he didn’t like the way Imman Annachi played during the game. Imman Annachi says that he did see how everyone’s face turned during the game. He goes on to add that it was their perspective but he didn’t play the game wrongly.

NPP begins their campaign and tries to canvas Raju’s team and it turns into a laughing riot.

Abhinay talks to Pavni and Priyanka about Akshara. The latter had told that Abhinay is being influenced by Pavni and Priyanka.

Priyanka gets annoyed by the same and rants about Akshara. She says that the latter isn’t the same with everyone, in fact, she is not the same in every round. Nobody knows her real face.

Priyanka adds that she is just playing her game by rules and she is not trying to influence anyone.

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