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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil | Day 50 | 22 November | Daily updates

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 50

Day 50 of the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil begins with the captaincy task.

The task- There will be big bundles of cotton kept in the garden area. Each contestant must try to fill a box using cotton. Then the box will be weighed. The contestant with the highest kilograms will enter the next round. The contestants who finish in the last two in that round will have to gain the vote of fellow contestants to get to the next round. The final one standing will be the leader of the house.

During the task, Priyanka says that Thamarai is not “qualified” to be the leader for the week as she has a lot of emotional baggage already and she has to deal with it at first.

This doesn’t go well with Thamarai as she shouts at Priyanka for the same.

During the round, A lot of contestants change their vote when there was a clash between Imman Annachi and Varun. This makes Imman angry. However, he gets eliminated in that round.

In the end, Abhinay wins the task and is selected as the leader for the week.

Pavni shows the big vessel and says that she is very happy to see a clean vessel without any remains of food for the first time in weeks. During that time, Thamarai casually sees Akshara.

Thamarai and Priyanka continue their fight. Niroop triggers them unknowingly.

Priyanka says that she stands by her views, adds that Thamarai shows anger on the face if she hates someone. She still insists that Thamarai is yet to come out of her own problem and then she can take care of the captaincy task.

Priyanka then points out how Thamarai turned towards Akshara when Pavni showed the vessel.

Thamarai calls Akshara to confirm what they had spoken during that time. Akshara says that she didn’t talk about anything.

Priyanka says that Thamarai keeps a lot of hate inside and acts before everyone. Thamarai says that it is her own issue and no one has the right to tell that another contestant has no qualification to become the captain of the house. Priyanka says that it is literally the task that Bigg Boss gave.

We then move to the nomination.

Abhinay and Abhishek cannot be nominated.

She is creating drama.
Niroop talks about his captaincy task

Thamarai enters the confession room with tears and Bigg Boss questions what happened.

Thamarai says that she couldn’t remember whether she had turned towards Akshara and Priyanka’s words are hurtful. Bigg Boss asks her to play her game on her own.

Thamarai then nominates Pavni and Priyanka
Pavni for not supporting her during the captaincy task. Priyanka for telling her that she has no qualifications.

Pavni- Raju and Thamarai

Raju because he is yet to play his game.

She doesn’t like how Thamarai acts inside the house and to her.

Iyakki– Ciby and Pavni

Ciby gave her a zero per cent chance to stay in the house. Pavni, just like everyone else, doesn’t look to move on from issues.

Raju- Priyanka and Iyakki

Priyanka is a tough competitor and he gets carried away by the affection she shows.

Iyakki, as she doesn’t talk to everyone.

Abhishek– Imman and Thamarai

Imman for the way he got angry during the captaincy task. Thamarai because of her anger.

Imman- Priyanka and Pavni

Priyanka as she is very quick to come to conclusion. Pavni is taking a lot of bad decision by hearing a few people.

Varun- Niroop and Priyanka

Niroop because of the way he reacted during Varun’s captaincy task. Priyanka because of the way she shouts at everyone and everything.

Priyanka- Akshara, Imman

Imman because he is partial, Akshara because she had scolded her when she tried to wake her up during the morning.

Ciby- Iyakki and Niroop

Iyakki doesn’t have clarity, Niroop because he is afraid of elimination and is doing things to save himself now

Akshara- Priyanka and Niroop

Priyanka, when she targets someone, shouts at them so much which is literally irritating and being sweet is not her true color. Niroop because he is not helpful to others during tasks.

Abhinay– Imman and Thamarai

Imman doesn’t do many chores. Thamarai hurts everyone with her words.

Final nomination- Priyanka, Thamarai, Niroop, Iyakki, Imman.

Since most of the contestants doesn’t dance when wake up song in the morning, Bigg Boss organizes a dance marathon.

A song will be played each pair must dance until the song fades. If the moves fit the song, the song stops. If it doesn’t there will be a buzzer.

Pavni-Imman, Abhinay-Abhishek gets a boo as well.

Niroop gets hurt while trying to get on the stage. he gets treatment and still continues to dance. However, he fails.

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