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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil | Day 52 | 24th November updates

bigg boss 5 tamil day 52 november 24

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 52 begins with the continuation of the previous night. Ciby orders everyone to ask permission before using the restroom and then calls Imman, Akshara to clean the dining room. Akshara questions why the Staff aren’t doing any job. Ciby asks her not to question.

Pavni and Priyanka must sleep in the garden area for the night. Ciby asks them to give an apology letter and get in.

We see then everyone play games while sleeping. Ciby enters and gives them a warning.

Akshara is surprised to see how boarding school and college work in real life and she says hats off to all the students.

Iyakki enters the Warden office, steals the whistle. Iyakki then talks to Bigg Boss about how Akshara and she had to dye her hair. She then drops ink on Ciby, Raju face.

Akshara is seen singing and Ciby calls her to do fifty situps.

Imman was supposed to clean the vessels since he didn’t do, Ciby gives him punishment.

Pavni steals Ciby’s stick and hides it.

Ciby makes Raju teach Akshara five Thirukurals along with their meaning.

Akshara says that she can learn it easier if Raju writes and give it to her. Raju orders to learn by listening to him. Later, he agrees. Akshara says that she is hungry but Raju wants her to finish the Kural first.

While Ciby is looking around everyone, Raju is seen teaching Akshara the Thirukural by making her write.

Varun and Abhinay wonder how Imman is quiet even after what had happened so far in this round.

Ciby asks Akshara to bath first and then to practice Kural. Later, she says that she wants to iron her outfit. Ciby doesn’t give her much time.

Akshara gets tensed because of that and leaves the place with anger. She breaks a pot inside the restroom and is seen crying. She says that she is hurt by the same. Abhinay tries to console her.

She shouts at Ciby and how he behaves during this task, says that he is not giving her space and is always on top, how he makes her do tasks within the given time. She says that he is treating her like a slave.

Raju and Ciby try to sort things out with her. She asks them to leave and says that there is a limit for everything and they are overdoing it. They must know that everyone is equal in the house. Bigg Boss asks Akshara to enter the confession room.

While everyone is out there singing Thamizh Thaai Vaazhthu, Akshara is seen crying.

Ciby tries to solve things with Akshara. The latter questions how he was doing a few things badly. She says that it isn’t easy for everyone to mug up Thirukural. She also says that Ciby was doing way too much here while he didn’t do anything against Priyanka, who didn’t do tasks yesterday.

Ciby says that it is a task and he is doing what has been assigned to him. If she is not ready to continue the task, she can very well walk away from the same.

Imman tries to console her then Iyakki and Varun.

Ciby talks to other teachers about how he was literally doing the task.

Imman tries to give food to Akshara without Citb’s permission and the latter warns him not to do it.

Bigg Boss gives a new task-
There will be a flag in the middle. The contestants-the students- will be separated into two teams. Each team must stand in each corner, behind a line. One contestant from each team will play at a time. They must try to take the flag and run towards their team. If that member reaches the line, one point will be awarded. If the other contestant catches them before they could reach the line, the other contestant will get the point.

Team A- Imman, Pavni, Varun, Priyanka
Team B- Thamarai, Akshara, Niroop, Abhinay, Iyakki

Team B wins the round.

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