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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil | Day 62 | 4th December updates

bigg boss 5 tamil day 62 4th november

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 62 begins with the return of the host Kamal Hassan. The actor/politician appreciates everyone’s support and he answers a few questions from the audience regarding his health. We then go inside the house.

A small fight happens with the members. Raju, Akshara, Niroop were seen cooking and they had used bread packets for the same. Pavni, Abhinay says that it would be difficult to cook on Saturday mornings. Thus, they had kept bread to eat. Akshara argues that they have a good amount of bread and if not, she would cook.

We then see a small task from Nippon Paints. The contestants are separated into two teams- Red and White.

Both teams have to paint a small house separately. The other team must try to stop it by hitting the ball. Niroop will be the judge for the round. The white team wins the game.

Priyanka talks to Pavni, says that Priyanka had nominated Imman in every single round as she has issues with him.

Kamal Hassan talks to the contestants. He appreciates Imman for winning the captaincy Round but he questions his action when Niroop had used the coin. Imman had told that he is not okay with Abhishek and Priyanka getting the captaincy.

Kamal advises Imman that one must allow contestants to try something new. That’s how they will learn. Without trying anything, nobody would know if they didn’t try.

He also asks Priyanka, Thamarai and Raju about what had happened, about Imman’s involvement in everything.

Kamal asks Ameer about what he feels regarding the Priyanka-Niroop fight. Ameer says that Priyanka is influenced by Abhishek. Priyanka says that he is wrong as everyone is playing their game and they are just hanging out when there are no tasks. Kamal says that the audience must say that everyone is playing their game alone.

Ameer adds that if Priyanka is his friend, he would have tried to stop the fight but not increase it.

Kamal then asks to Priyanka-Thamarai-Raju about their problem. He first appreciates Thamarai for thinking that it is her house and also adds that unconditional love could affect one.

He asks Priyanka if Raju is using Thamarai or is Thamarai doing it all by herself. She says that she doesn’t know.

He advises Raju to take part in vessel cleaning as well.

During the break, Priyanka and Abhishek question Ameer’s stand before Kamal. Abhishek says that it is Ameer’s view. He then goes on to add that he had never tried to influence Priyanka but also mentions that it is a game show.

Ameer asks him to reduce his voice and says that he never questioned Abhishek but just told his views about what he would do if he is her friend.

Kamal then says that Raju has been saved for the week.

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