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Day 10 of Bigg Boss Tamil begins with Rowdy Baby song. A few contestants are already awake. Iyakki Berry and Imman Annachi were seen discussing regarding the strategy of contestants. Imman says that the politics has already started in the house. Iyakki is confused why everyone is asking about her strategy and wonders if asking other people’s strategy is actually the strategy of a few contestants here.

After the song, we see that Abhishek is in women’s bedroom and is seen talking to Isaivani while the latter is folding her clothes.

Abhishek says there is a group for every single mood. For Cinema, it’s Ciby and others. For fun, it’s Priyanka and for motivational stuff, it is Imman Annachi.

Abhishek asks her to choose her happiness and to avoid things that are not in her control. He gives a nickname everyday for everyone and today, he calls Isaivani as “Koomuttai”.

He is the next to share his story.
He is from Madurai and he is very close to his father. His father used to work around the clock and his bullet sound is the identification. Since there is no other enjoyment in Madurai. He was into movies right from the beginning.

He says that he had different phases in life and one of those were being a tiger. He used to pose like a tiger in all pictures during that phase. He says that the family got used to it.

He explains about his parents and their love. His father once went through Abhishek’s shelf and found a letter. Abhishek had written about his thoughts that he wanted to share if he had a chance to meet the then president of the nation, APJ Abdul Kalam.

Once Mr Kalam was in Madurai and Abhishek’s father arranged a meeting. Mr Kalam had read the letter and after six months, he wrote back to Abhishek. He says that that letter is his best gift.

He then explains about his sister and how she had pampered him.

He goes back to his father’s story. His father used to help out a lot of people and even gave educational help to many. Once he kept his house in mortgage and gave a huge amount to his driver but the driver had passed away soon. The family couldn’t pay the mortgage at that time.

During the same time, Abhishek got married and he didn’t know what his father was going through. Whenever his father had called him, he would take about his family life and since Abhishek was going through trouble with his marriage life, he didn’t share about the money. Abhishek also didn’t care much about his father as he was focusing on his problem. Days later, his father had passed away and Abhishek says that he still regrets not being there for his father.

Since that house was built with blood of his father, he couldn’t let that go and had worked non-stop for two years and got it back. He says that he is very proud to be called as son of Raaja. Contestants rush to hug him and he gets three dislikes.

It looks like the emoji given by Bigg Boss- like and heart- were less compared to dislike. Thus, most of them had only dislike left.

After his story, Bigg Boss calls Thamarai Selvi to the confession room. He asks her to be the leader of the contestants and make sure that everyone are following the rules well. Looks like most of them are not wearing the mic always and a few are trying to sleep during the day. Thamarai Selvi tells everyone the same.

Thamarai Selvi is the next to share her story. She is from a village. Her father was a domestic abuser and her mother went through a lot. She used was daily wager and had minimum salary. Since she had five kids, she used to give up food to work for them and they never saw rice while growing up.

Since someone had to take care of other kids, Thamarai Selvi didn’t go to school. In order to help out the family, she went to act in drama when she was very young. There were times when the actors out there used to say no to her but she kept working. Her salary was Rs 200 per day those days.

Later, after hearing a man’s story, who was separated from his wife, she married him but it turned out he wasn’t really telling full truth. She had a kid with him and once, she ran away with the kid to escape that life. Later, another man, who knew all about her, offered to marry and they got married.

He even took care of the kid well and she has an understanding mother-in-law as well. She had another kid as well.

Things were going well for her and she even took a loan to buy a small house. However, this lockdown took a toll on her as she didn’t have any work. In between, her first son went back to their native for vacation and it looks like he didn’t come back. It’s been more than six months since he had spoken to her and she began to cry as she doesn’t know why.

During this time, she got an offer from Bigg Boss and a friend of her advised to take it in order to promote the art.

She ends the speech saying that her dream is to make sure that the art lives on. All the contestants hugs her and consoles her. Abhishek says that he prayed that Namitha should win the Bigg Boss but after hearing Thamarai’s story, he prays to God that she should win it.

Since not many has likes or hearts, more than eight contestants had to vote dislike for her.

Pavni and Imman were seen having a conversation. Pavni cries that she is feeling very lonely these days after the death of her first husband. She says that she had even told him that she would roam like a stray dog if he dies. At the moment, she feels like that.

Pavni adds that there was another person in her life but she was making her mind that it was her first husband who came back to her. Now that he is also not in her life, she says that she has accepted that she would never be loved again.

Pavni adds that though she has sisters and mother, they have their own life now and she is lonely. Imman Annachi says that he will always be there for her as her brother. Though there is a big age difference, she can always consider him as her brother. She thank him and hugs for saying that.

Varun then shares his story. His grandfather was a comedian and drama artist who used to act alongside Dr MGR and was a part his campaigns. He used to do campaign through drama for him. Unfortunately, during one of his acts, he had a heart attack and had passed away. They had a lot of debts and Dr MGR had helped them out.

The family then began from nothing. His uncle and his father worked day and night and today they are the owner of a college. Since they came from nothing, they wanted him to know the value of the money and therefore, they didn’t spoon feed him anything. He had to learn a lot on his own.

His cinema career began as a back dancer in Thalaiva film and he had done a few small roles in multiple films too. Today, he will be seen as a hero in Gowtham Menon’s next film Joshua. He is in Bigg Boss now in order to show the world how he is as there is a misconception about him and his character.

All the contestants gives him dislike as they didn’t have like or heart emoji. He is the only contestant to get all dislike now. Everyone asks sorry and he says it is just a game.

We move to dining room. Priyanka  requests Thamarai Selvi to ask other contestants to wash the plates well. Then all the contestants goes out and shouts to turn off the light. Bigg Boss responds and turns off.

Isaivani asks Imman Annachi about a few words he said to her. Imman asks what are they so that he would avoid it in the future. He says that there is either miscommunication or misunderstanding and he asks sorry. She then realizes it is a misunderstanding.

We see a few contestants making fun of old films where they used to give fight sounds via mouth. Raju imitates those noises and everyone laughs their heart out. Abhishek even falls down from chair while laughing. With that the episode ends.

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