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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 | Day 24 | Daily Updates

Day 24 of Bigg Boss Tamil begins with “Ooru vittu Ooru vandhu” song, the name of the round that is going on this week.

Raju and Niroop seen making fun of Madhumitha. Isaivani, who is the judge, talks about the round.

Pavni and Suruthi talk to Bigg Boss in search of clarity regarding the coin as they cannot work with Thamarai Selvi if the issue is not sorted.

We move to the task. “Koluthi Podu” is the task round. Isaivani will be the judge for the round. The winner will get 3000 Bigg Boss money.

Both village and town team will have to pick a member for their team for the round. They must stand inside an yellow marker and there are a few candles on a table each before both contestants. They must light the candle but only limited sticks will be given. Whoever light more candles before buzzer goes off is the winner and will be awarded 3000 Bigg Boss money. Niroop and Abhinay goes head to head and Niroop wins the round.

Niroop and Isaivani fights for oil. Iyakki Berry, who is in village team, craves for western food. Varun wantedly sits before her and eats noodles. She literally cries.

Pavni and Suruthi talks about the coin again and how they hate it now. Suruthi asks why no one is talking about the words that Thamarai had used to scold them.
Akshara and Iyakki Berry steals bread packet from town area and hides it. Niroop going in search for the same.

Another task for Bigg Boss money. This task winner will get 4000 Bigg Boss money. There are two big boards where a road path is painted in a zig zag manner. Small candles are placed in the edge of that road path. There is a small sponge ball placed in between. The contestants, one each from both sides, must blow the ball through that path. The contestant who gets the ball to that other end with more candles on is the winner. Raju and Varun fights for the task and Raju wins it.

Town members ask village members to give the break packet back and complaints to Isai Vani. They exchange words for fun.

Minutes later, Town members runs a riot, steals village members’ food . They fight by throwing food at each other. Isaivani warns them not to throw food for fun.

Pavni, Madhumitha and Suruthi indulge in serious discussion regarding the same topic, the coin. Bigg Boss warns them not to talk in english and scolds Madhumitha as she is the leader for the week.

Madhumitha complaints about how nobody is listening to her in the house, despite being the leader. She says that she is very annoyed because of the same. Priyanka calls everyone and talks in behalf of Madhumitha.

Madhumitha talks about different incidents where none had respected her and once again, the contestants talk to themselves and doesn’t listen to her. She gets annoyed and scolds everyone.

Bigg Boss tells everyone to play the “ooru vittu ooru vandhu” task properly with interest. In the end, whichever team plays with full interest, they will be awarded for the same. Bigg Boss ask contestants to use Bigg Boss money to take anything from the other side. They must put the money in a glass box outside and must ring the bell. Isai, the judge, must approve the same.

Bigg Boss then calls Isaivani to confession room and asks her to rule the house properly, She hasn’t taken full control of the house yet and Bigg Boss tells that she must take care of that.

Isaivani tells the same to all contestants and asks sorry for the round. She makes Madhumitha to hop around the house as she made herself a coffee without Isai’s knowledge.

Bigg Boss gives another task- This time there are multiple candles placed in separate table (two tables- one for village other for town). Near each candle, there will be something placed- Cake, Bigg Boss money, viboothi, cream or nothing.

Each contestant will blow the candle while standing near a yellow mark. Whichever candle goes off, the thing near that candle belong to them.  If viboothi or cream comes, a contestant from opposite side must apply that on the face of whoever got it. The round will go on until the buzzer. Akshara and Imman Annachi get Bigg Boss money.
The contestants uses money to get things from opposite side and the town contestants comes up with strategy for the same.

Bigg Boss asks Niroop and Akshara to pick a contestant who didn’t participate much from their side.

Niroop picks Pavni and Akshara picks Madhumitha. Both are out of the ooru vittu ooru vandhu round and Bigg Boss ask them to sit out for the whole night and to watch the fire. Isaivani will be the judge for the same.

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