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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 | Day 38 | 10th November | Daily Updates

bigg boss 5 tamil day 38

Day 38 of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil begins with a warning to Isaivani. Bigg Boss warns Isai to take control of the house as the captain and do the task properly which was allotted to her. If that doesn’t happen, he would take away the leadership control from her.

She, in turn, warns all the contestants, says that she will not leave out anyone and there is a punishment if they don’t follow it.

Niroop assures that Iyakki Berry will stay in the luxury budget task game until the end.

The luxury budget task begins once again. Thamarai, Madhumitha, Iyakki, Pavni goes into the circus hut. Niroop, Isaivani, Abhinay, Imman Annachi doesn’t get in as they want to eliminate each other.

In the end, Isaivani is the last one to enter the room, she has Imman Annachi’s doll. Thus, Imman is eliminated.

Talking about his elimination, Imman Annachi says that it was Niroop, Raju and Ciby who had helped him while Isaivani along with Abhinay had backstabbed him. Isaivani disagrees saying that it was Imman Annachi’s fault for taking Abhinay’s doll instead of his usual one, Iyakki Berry’s.

In the next round, Madhumitha gets eliminated because of Pavni as the latter falls down while rushing to take the doll. She feels guilty about it but Madhumitha says it is alright.

While talking about her elimination, she says sorry to Pavni and picks her for backstab; adds that Priyanka had helped her.

In the next round, Abhinay gets eliminated as Isaivani is the last one to reach. Abhinay tells that Isaivani and Niroop had helped him and none had backstabbed him.

The next round sees Pavni gets eliminated as Thamarai, who was having her doll, is the last to enter that round. She, unfortunately, falls down while getting in.

In the next round, Isai gets in the way of Thamarai and the latter is the last to reach once again. This time, she was having Isai’s doll. Therefore, she gets eliminated.

With that, we enter the 2nd stage of the ‘Neeyum Bommai naanum bommai’ round.

All the contestants will be sitting in the TV area and they pick contestants based on the following- who are thinking on their own, who are being used as a puppet.

Priyanka plays 75% on their own.
Varun and Raju always try to look for a partner and they never play their game alone.
Isaivani plays all by herself. Niroop plays for himself but at times, he loses track.
Pavni plays the safest game of all.

Imman plays for himself.
He always had doubts about Pavni.
Madhumitha has always been a puppet in the house.
Ciby works all for himself but hears others’ arguments too.
Varun always plays for himself but at times, he gets angry.
Priyanka plays all by herself.

Abhinay, Niroop, Imman plays for themselves.
Niroop, however, used Iyakki as his puppet.

aju is not 100 per cent like a puppet but has a gang for himself.
Abhinay plays for himself but he uses strategy.
Varun plays for himself but uses Akshara’s plans at times.

Abhinay gets confused at times and at times, he doesn’t know what he is doing.
Priyanka used to get influenced by the views of Abhishek earlier.

Pavni is very smart and plays her game well.
Niroop is unpredictable.
Priyanka is a slave of love and she would do anything if she loves a person.

Madhumitha has self-doubts but plays for herself.
Pavni is the strongest and always plays for herself.
Isai must play for herself and must put her points at front.
Raju is the likeable but he creates a bubble to be as an entertainer alone.
Niroop is the most favourite. She also hates him the most. He reminds her of her brother and she trusts him the most.

Ciby, Imman Annachi and Niroop talk about the Akshara issue. Ciby says that he doesn’t regret the fight he had there and earlier, Akshara had contradicted her own words.

Pavni announces that she wants to take Niroop as her assistant instead of Thamarai as the latter is a bit weak and couldn’t do a lot of tasks for her.

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