Dear Aditi Rao Hydari

Dear Aditi Rao Hydari,
Just like every single year, I’m lost in words to put down what I like about you or about how much you mean to me. Anyway, by this time, you already would know that.

For an introvert like me, you have been one of my go-to spaces. Apart from your films, your posts and interviews never fail to cheer me up whenever I have a bad day. Of course, it’s funny because you don’t literally try anything to make all these happen. Still, you are more of a household name here.

I first watched you in your first film in 2007-ish. Since then, I have literally grown up with you and your films. Every single success and failure of yours feel personal, and in a way, I’m proud to see you succeed in the industry. Of course, there is a lot left in you, and I’m pretty sure there is a lot more outside for you to explore.

Either way, I’m equally excited to see what’s in store for you next (probably, films where we don’t see you cry or die (runs away)).

I was super close to interviewing you for online media a couple of times, and I still regret missing those opportunities. I’m not sure if I would get another one, but someday, I hope that I get to meet you. I promise not to act crazy.

To more success, happiness and love. Also, for all the things you do and the positive energy you spread. Happy Birthday. Never change. Never ever change.

*End of rant*

Other Rants: In case, you have forgotten, I wrote this a couple of years ago (shamelessly sharing it again.)

My Dear Aditi…! – Penbugs,

An ode to Aditi Rao Hydari – Penbugs

and of course, replugging my GIF Twitter thread.

(Feature image is an artwork gift by my friend to me. This is hanging in my house for a while now.)

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