Friends: The Reunion Invites You To Embark On This Nostalgic Ship

Friends: The Reunion brings together the cast of iconic American TV sitcom friends after 17 long years. The 6 stars of the show David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry come together for the night to look back at all those years, they spent together in weaving the show as their lives. They are thankful that they got one last chance to sit together in Monica’s apartment, in Central Perk coffee shop after 17 years ago this famous show hit its finale. Across the countries, borders and language, friends, the show, has touched many lives and keeps on doing it for the years to come, for all the new people to discover the treasure again. The Re-runs of the show is still running on Comedy Central TV. For the streaming platform, Netflix has got the show for us to catch it anytime at our convenience.

The cast of the show seems humble at the face of the love across the globe. They seem thankful to all the people out there for carrying it along for all these years. They get to hear how many lives they have saved from the dark places of mind, from depression, from anxiety. They saved more lives than they could imagine. They had been friends to the ones who didnt have any.

The show Comforted, reassured, gave confidence to those who need it and boosted morale. And it still continues to do as we never think to stop rewatching them. Its brilliance lies in its amazing visual pieces, in its physical comedy along with the witty lines you remember for years. It finds comedy in the ordinary.

This reunion seemed important to the cast more than it is to the fans. We get to listen to them how they found a family through their amazing friendships. It is always sad when something ends, Marta Kauffman, co-creator of the show says. It makes you cry when something ends but it doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful and worthwhile.

The cast takes a walk down their memory lane 17 years ago and crumble down at the face of fresh, powerful memories from the recreated set. They wipe the tears of each others while I too find the lump in my throat and hold my breath for a second to collect myself. Along with the millions of ordinary audiences around the world like you and I, we get to hear how some of the celebrities find the show as their place of solace. David Beckham, Kit Harington share how the show helped to uplift and encourage them through their crests and troughs. We see Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon talk about the brilliance in its making. And Malala Yousafzai shares the enthusiasm that this show spreads.

While James Corden is being an amazing anchor of the show who takes a step back to let the cast unravel in their memories, it paves way to learn how David Schwimmer hated Marcel, the Monkey he gets to carry in the show, that cracked a huge laughter. An amazing fashion show exhibits the famous costumes, those made the mark in the show, like Rachel Green’s pink bridesmaid dress which Cara Delevingne wears on the ramp, Cindy Crawford wears Ross Geller’s tight leather pants, Justin Bieber in the Sputnik suit, Halloween costume. At last, as a perfect wrap up, Matt LeBlanc, himself, wears all of Chandler’s clothes and does lunges on the ramp.

This reunion, as Courtney quotes, the cast will not get to do it once again like this anymore and how this is the last time they get to ask and get to do it. They get emotional and we do too. Each of them realises how only these 5 other people could understand what it’s like to be one of them and how special this never-ending bond is.

What is the reason to celebrate friends, you ask? Because it’s simple, it’s ordinary, it’s how you and I live our lives. Celebrating friends means celebrating our own cherished lives, which is an important thing to remember and be grateful for.

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