Bigg Boss


During the start of the episode Rythvika, Daniel, Sendrayan and Aishwarya didnt receive their luggages.

The house got a new music teacher (Ananth Vaidhyanathan), a cook (Mumtaz), a garment lender (Ponambalam) 

Some quarrel between Sendrayan and Mumtaz while doing the task for selecting the leader of the house.

Mahath, Mumtaz and Janani won the task and people chose Janani as their leader.

And she chose members for cooking, vessel washing and house cleaning.

Team cooking- Mumtaz (C) Mahath and Nithya
House Cleaning – Sendrayan (C), Daniel, Yashika
Vessel washing – Ananth(C), Aishwarya, Rythvika

Then comes the nomination  for Eviction!

Ananth was nominated by 6 people 
Mumtaz got 5 votes
4 people chose Nithya and Rythvika

So let’s wait and watch who is the bully, who is playing safe and who is going to get eliminated!