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Sherin is responsible for Tharshan’s eviction: Sanam Shetty

The elimination of Tharshan did shock everyone because he was one of the most deserving contestants to win the title.

While a lot of stars and his supporters spoke about Tharshan’s elimination, his girlfriend Sanam Shetty has blamed Sherin for his eviction.

Talking about the eviction to Chennai Times, Sanam said that there was no way that Tharshan would have got eliminated because of the voting and added that things looked fishy for her. She went on to blame Sherin for Tharshan’s eviction.

“Sherin is the sole person responsible for his eviction. Her behaviour seemed too artificial and unfair,” she said.

Sharing the newspaper clip, Sanam took to Social Media to write the following: When asked about my opinion I give it! This has nothing to do with my personal situation at all. I saw what happened and I have my rights to express my views just like everyone else in the public has been doing for the past 100 days!
PS: I have been getting threatens by ‘someone’ after this writeup saying they will go to the press and make sure they break up Tharshan n me. Even after telling them I am just out of hospital and resting!
First of all, Tharshan and me are yet to talk and I am not sure where we stand at the moment. I respect his space and will support him in every situation as a well-wisher in either ways. Wonder why these people r so insecure and evil minded. Remember all those times when I was asked to accept criticism? Then why can’t u?”

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