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First things first. Arav had a movie release, and I almost forgot that. When I spoke to my mother about Arav, she took time to recall who he was. Of course, the Bigg Boss 1 winner is a familiar face, but I feel he should have done a movie right after winning the title. Well, it’s okay. I was happy to see him at least now. Hey, he is a household name and people do love him. If not, he wouldn’t have won the Bigg Boss title, right?
Now, coming back to his movie, Market Raja MBBS. The title reminds one of Vasool Raja MBBS, right?

Well, Saran directed that too, and in Vasool Raja, we have the hero who is a “rowdy” goes on to study MBBS and what followed was a hilarious plot. Saran now comes up with something that is almost opposite to Vasool Raja, here an MBBS has to act like a don. No, Arav or the Market Raja is not an MBBS here, but Chandrababu is. He is a victim who loses his life during the fight, and his spirit enters Market Raja’s body. Now, think of the reversal of Kanchana plot.
Kanchana’s plot goes like this- A weak hero becomes all strong once the spirit enters his body. Now, Market Raja MBBS is simply the reversal. The hero suddenly becomes all weak because of the spirit. Oh yes, Saran produced Muni.

Coming to the heroine, there is a triangle love here where the heroine is in love with Market Raja and Chandrababu, the doctor who dies is in love with the heroine.

The plot certainly looks interesting on papers but unfortunately, is less engaging.

However, the supporting characters have done well in the movie. Of course, you don’t have to teach the acting for both Radhika and Rohini. Radhika is a don, mother of Arav who shares a love-hate relationship with her son. While Radhika treated her son badly when he was young, Arav’s character does the same when he grows up, there is a bad comedy where Arav even kicks his mother which could have been avoided.

The only original moment in the movie is when Rohini as hearing and speech-impaired mother of Chandrababu expresses her grief.

Talking about the other characters, Sayaji Shinde and Hareesh Peradi has done well in the movie.

The problem in the movie is with the writing. There were poor comedy and objectification of Nikesha Patel’s character. It’s hard to see such things exist even today.

Arav. The movie marks the debut of Bigg Boss season 1 winner. Arav tried too much to fit in. He has done a decent job in pulling off the don’s role right after the entry of the ghost, but it is difficult to see him as a powerful don. Maybe because my mind had an image of him playing the role of so-called chocolate boy character and it is difficult to imagine him this way. Well, it’s too early to talk about his acting skills. I’m sure, he has a lot left in him, and I would love to see him in a far better role.

I suddenly remember the interview of Saran where he revealed that Crazy Mohan was almost a part of the movie, blame his health conditions, things did not work out. I believe Crazy Mohan would have made the movie much more interesting. Thanks to his sense of humour. Gosh, how much we miss him.

On the whole, the movie is not as satisfying as Saran’s early movies but is far better than his recent outings.

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