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Bigg Boss 3| Grand Finale| Day 106| Oct 6 updates

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 is here. There is not one trophy here that decides the winner of this season. Among the 16 contestants, there are more than one of them who have stolen the hearts of the viewers. They are going to be acknowledged in the final stage with an award that only represents them. It’s a music to Kamal’s ears when the audiences let him know how the show has been part of them in their daily life. They tell him how they feel connected and deeply related to them. Sandy’s love for his daughter, Mohan’s sensitivity and how it helped many of the viewers to improve themselves.

Kamal enters the Bigg Boss house that is extraordinarily decorated that loudly screams the celebration moment. Kamal reads to them what he has to say about each one of them. A note that reaffirms and encourage Sandy in his own language, a note that end every sentence of it with Liya that encourages Losliya to reach for the stars, A cute note to Sherin that registers that she lost few pounds in the house while gaining the life lessons. For Mugen, a singer to singer, Kamal expresses his love to Mugen through a song that welcomes him to this land. Many surprises await the contestants in their last days. It presents them the love and support from their beloved ones in their lives who shares the moment of pride. Mugen watches the video from his collegues, from his recording studio who say how they are proud of his success. Sherin finally sees her puppy dog Egan who is overloaded with cuteness. Sandy’s dance studio wish him the best from their part and “We are the boys” Song is popular among them too. Kamal enquires the origin of the song and tells them how it is popular among the viewers.

Losliya receives the love from her land and wishes from the beloved people who have touched her life in so many ways. Kamal let them know that this love is just a drop in the ocean and so much love awaits them outside from the anonymous too. Sandy is over the moon to sit next to Kamal. He wishes to go out with Kamal and insists not to let Kamal’s hands. While Kamal leaves out of the door, Sandy excites and pinches Kamal’s cheek and kiss him.

The fellow contestants of this season adrore the stage and shares it with Kamal. Abirami gives an amazing dance performance. The ex-contestants are asked who is it gonna take the trophy home. Majorly, Mugen is the choice. Losliya is also the name that’s on many of their lips. Rithvika, the Bigg Boss season 2 title winner, brings the trophy to the stage and sees the finalists through the TV. Mugen and Sandy are excites to see Tharshan and Kavin among the audiences. The each of the finalists get to touch the trophy at least one time and one of them will leave the house just after that.

One of them will leave the house with Rithvika. Until then, the 4 have fun with Rithvika with music using the Kitchen utensils. They are unaware that the viewers and fellow contestanst are watching them over having fun without any tension at all. Kamal interrupts the fun and reveals who leaves the house. Kamal shows Sherin’s name and Rithvika do the honors and holds Sherin’s hand to go out of the house. Sherin bids goodbye to Bigg Boss and the house with no regret as she has successfully spent 105 days in the house.

Kamal appreciates how Sherin didn’t lose her humanity in the house even when she faced herself in situations where she had to lose her composure. Sherin says that is essential to fit into the house and advise anyone who wish to participate in the home. He commends Sherin’s attitude. Sherin says Sandy has more winning chances among the three as he has been consistent throughout the season.

After a refreshing Kasthuri’s dance performance, The contestants of the show receives awards from Kamal. Kavin receives Game changer award of the show as his departure flipped the show’s course. He would have definitely been one of the finalists after crossing many nominations in the show. Kamal wishes him not to leave his uniqueness at any cost in his life. Kamal admires Kavin’s maturity and envies him.

Vanitha receives Guts and Grit award. In today’s world, Vanitha emphasis the need for more guts and grit to every woman out there. Vanitha enters her 39th birthday and gets her wishes from Kamal. Vanitha is contended and gives the award to the her daughters, the next generation.

Cheran receives the most disciplined person award and he dedicates the award to Kamal as he has learned his discipline from the best, Kamal.

Sherin receives Best Buddy award which is one of the toughest award to get in a show like this. Kamal says this award was being competed for Abirami too. Sherin shares the award on the stage with Abirami and proves once again that she is the best buddy.

Tharshan receives All Rounder award as he is one of the people who have captured so many hearts through the show. On the stage, Kamal pins a badge Of Raj Kamal Film Industry on Tharshan’s chest. Kamal proudly says that Tharshan is part of his film and encourages him to let his talent shine more. Tharshan’s mother is overwhelmed by all the support by the audiences. She feels grateful. Tharshan is determined to go beyond to reach for the sky in the chance he has got in Kamal’s project.

Rajesh Vaidhya, the brother of Mohan Vaidhya, kills the floor with his splendid music. The songs of Ilaiyaraja-Kamalhasan combination ooze on the stage through Rajesh’s Veena. It leaves the listeners spellbound. The music tightly binds the listeners to their seats and one can’t help to take eyes of his performance. Kamal hugs Rajesh and admires the time of life we all are living in it. The joy that is spread through the music is surely a bliss. Kamal sings the song Ninaivo Oru Paravai to Rajesh’s veena to his request and leaves everybody in bliss.

Vijay TV comedy crew mocks Bigg Boss show and imitates the contestants. It gives a hearty laugh for few minutes. Sakshi gives a dance performance. We dive into the Bigg Boss house to know the state of the finalists Mugen, Losliya and Sandy. The fans of the finalists talk to them and shows their love and support for them. Mugen has stole so many hearts and it is evident that the viewers roars for him and for his songs.

Yashika gives a graceful dance perfromance. Shruthi Hasan shares the stage with Kamal. Kamal gives her a hard task to bring out one of the finalist to the stage. Shruthi Hasan meets the finalists inside the Bigg Boss house. Shruthi congratulates the finalists and shares how it impresses her the friendship that is created in the house. They give her the tour of the house and Shruthi gets in the fun with her. The finalists tells her how they are gonna miss the house and Bigg Boss.

Losliya leaves the house with Shruthi. The house is left to Sandy and Mugen. Losliya shares the stage with Kamal. She feels grateful for being in this moment and thanks her parents.

Bigg Boss bids a heartfelt goodbye to Mugen and Sandy, the two disciples to the Gurunatha. Mugen and Sandy, one last time, relives each moment in each corner of the house. Mugen and Sandy switch off the lights of the house as a message to indicate the end of the season.

Mugen and Sandy meets the audience, Kamal Haasan and the other contestants on the stage. Mugen then sings Verithanam song and Sandy dances for the same. Kamal in doubt asks how Mugen knows about the song because it was released when he was inside the house.

Mugen replies that he asked Bigg Boss to replay the song and has been singing the same for a long time now.

After teasing both the contestants, Kamal announces that MUGEN IS THE WINNER.

Mugen then thanks everyone for their support and talks about how he came from Malaysia to here and how he feels grateful for everyone and everything.

Sandy talks about how he always wanted Mugen or Tharshan to win the trophy and he is feeling great after seeing this. He tells that Kavin knows everything, about what he felt.

Sandy calls Kavin to the stage and tells that he is also a winner. Mugen then calls Tharshan to the stage, hugs him and gives the award to him telling that he deserves it too.

Later, Kamal calls Mugen’s family to the stage and they lifts Mugen in happiness, thanks the audience and fans all over the world for this to happen.

Kamal also says that Sandy had a great number of votes too, telling 7+ crores.

A ‘KurumPadam’ runs for Mugen where his sweet journey in the house is showed.

Kamal acknowledges the same, saying that he had a great journey. Mugen then thanks everyone once again.

Kamal thanks everyone and thanks Tamil too. He says he wanted to thank Tamil for uniting all of us, be it Mugen or Tharshan.

He signs off for one last time. So do we.

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