Dada Film Review

To make the story spin around a different tale of relationship, the story opens with a shot of
Manikandan (Kavin) and Sindhu ( Aparna Das) living in together. Also, the Director describes
Manikandan, as someone who doesn’t cry.

The story spins through the pregnancy of Sindhu and how both will deal with their family.

Will Manikandan be able to manage and bring up their child?

Due to the unexpected events, Manikandan and Sindhu take care of each other without family support.

Manikandan starts to work night shifts for their daily expenditure, while their income is less and their expenditure for the month is high, Manikandan wants Sindhu to abort the baby. However, Sindhu ignores it. The couple tries to deal with difficult situations which form the crux of the story.

The VTV Ganesh and Pradeep Antony combo with Kavin makes the movie more humourous in the second part and,
gives a perfect end to the story. The combo makes the hearts of the audience feel warmer. In the first part of the story, Kavin plays the role of the perfect student and the life of a young man while he changes his character totally to a perfect father.

Dialogues in the movie make times more emotional at times and there are also times when
silence outweighs the dialogue. The screenplay works very well in the film.

Jen Martin’s music makes the movie more warm and sentimental. The connection between the father and son is more generous and gives a clear idea to the audience. The story works well and the acting in the film is a huge plus too. On the whole, Dada is a must-watch film.

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