Cooku With Comali 4 winner: Who won the Cooku With Comali season 4?

The Cooku with Comali Season 4 Title winner was announced on Sunday.

The six finalists are Vichitra, Sivaangi Krishnakumar, Andreanne Nouyrigat, Srushti Dange, Mime Gopi, D. R. K. Kiran participated in different rounds which lasted for five hours on Sunday.

The judges Chef Damodharan (aka Damu) and Chef Venkatesh Bhat selected Mime Gopi as the first winner of the Cooku with Comali season 4.

He won INR 5 Lakhs as prize money and donated the whole prize money to the cancer institute. Earlier, Vinitra was announced as the 3rd winner of the show.

Srushti Dange won the runners-up award. Kuraishi and Pugazh, who were the Comalis helping Srushti to win, were awarded. Srushti Dange won the cash prize of INR 5 Lakhs.

The two Comalis who helped Mime Gopi- Kuraishi and Monisha- won 1 Lakh each as well. Also, Monisha won the ‘Kalakkal Comali of the Year’, winning several awards.

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