Run Baby Run Review

Run Baby Run was directed and written by Jiyen Krishnakumar and released on 19th January
2023. It was a story of an ordinary person trapped in an unexpected situation. An
unusual thriller from RJ Balaji, an actor and director who has done many family
entertainments. He has shown that he can also act in a serious role in a good thriller.

To move on with the cast and crew, we would say everyone did their best to make their part reach
the audience. RJ Balaji stands top when it comes to acting and Aishwarya Rajesh is no less
compared to him.

The investigative thriller Run Baby Run opens with the death of Sophie, a medical school
student. A banker named Sathya ( RJ Balaji), who recently got engaged, is on his way to a
jewellery store a few days after this occurrence. Sathya buys his fiancé a pair of earrings with the
intention of surprising her. He picks up his future wife shortly after purchasing the jewellery,
intending to impress her with the pricey present. He abruptly finds another young woman
lurking in the back seat of his car. Sathya is in a catch-22 circumstance. He must identify the
woman hiding in his car before he can keep going. At the same time, he is unable to pull over
and confront the woman for fear of upsetting his future bride. It takes him some time to wait for
the right time to ask her a question, but when he does he learns that Tara(Aishwarya Rajesh), a
medical college student whose life is in peril, was hiding in his car. She implores him to let her
stay in his apartment until her guardian picks her up in a couple of hours. At first, Sathya is
adamant about kicking her out and refuses. But finally, moved by her predicament, he permits
her in. But that turns out to be a terrible oversight. The following morning, the housemaid
informs him that the front door was open. He gets up, looks for Tara, and discovers that she has
passed out in the bathroom. His fiancé’s father visits him, but the police arrive to search for Tara,
and his friend hides the fact that she is there. Afterwards, he goes to see his police friend. In
order to keep himself out of danger, he advises disposing of the body. The story continues will
Sathya be able to move out of the trouble and save himself?

Though the movie looks the same in the first part of the movie, it might be some of us could be
able to predict the antagonist in the later part of the story.Isha Talwar, Radhika Sarathkumar,
Raj Ayyappa, Smrithi Venkat, Bagavathi Perumal, KPY Bala, George Maryan and more
personalities got a bit of role when compared to others, they all have made their role flawless and
looks like workmanlike.

To keep on with the music, the movie Run Baby Run has a theme song and ‘Aval Oru Varam’ was composed by Sam C S. The song has its own heart-felting audience.

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