Ennai Noki Paayum Thota: Decent entertainer

Had Ennai Noki Paayum Thota came out years ago, I certainly hope it would have been a classic, would have reached the status of Needhaane En Ponvasandham. I chose this movie to “compare” because this movie certainly had the audience separated. A lot did not love the movie whereas the same amount of people fell in love with it. Similar way, this movie would have had the audience separated.

However, the movie would still work among the audience, thanks to Dhanush. The actor who sported two looks is the show stealer once again. I mean that is what one would expect from Dhanush’s movie. This man. Age in reverse. To me, the movie releasing late worked out when it comes to Dhanush, Dhanush alone. Because the last movie I watched him was Asuran and when I think about that movie, all I remember is the old character he played. Now, that’s a beautiful transition for me.

Coming to the heroine Megha Akash, this should have been her first movie in Tamil if I’m not wrong, and she has done her role well as a vulnerable soul.

Sasikumar as Dhanush’s brother is decent and has pulled off his role well. Sunaina springs a surprise. Also, Senthil Veeraasamy’s performance is good as well.

Talking about the story, there are scenes where I felt the delay, and there were GVM’s cliché scenes as well. It might work out for many who comes out to watch those cliché in GVM’s movie.

Despite those scenes, the movie is engaging and I kinda loved the first half more. Of course, the second half is fairly engaging- although predictable- as well and Dhanush grabs all our attention.

I already fell in love with the songs of the movie and the visuals were beautiful too. Darbuka Siva’s score was great, and cinematography was in sync with his music. I would have preferred editing a few lagging scenes which added more pace to the movie.

On the whole, Dhanush is a winner and fairly succeeds in holding this predictable movie together.

More than the movie and the performance, I’m happy that Gautham Menon is finally able to let go of ENPT. A movie, that is troubling him for a long time now. I grew up watching his movies and is one of my dream directors.No matter how this movie performs, I’m so happy for him and wishing him only the best with his projects. Kudos to Vels Films International for making this happen.

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