Google maps to show information about COVID19 cases in your area

Since the lock-down has been eased in most number of places, the number of cases are even more increasing. Now, to let people know about the vastly affected areas while travelling, Google is coming up with a feature on the Maps.

The new feature will be known as ‘COVID layer’, which will show critical information about Covid-19 cases in an area people plan to visit in 220 countries.

Taking to Twitter, Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote: “This week, we’re introducing the COVID layer in @GoogleMaps, a tool that shows critical information about COVID-19 cases in an area so you can make more informed decisions about where to go and what to do.”

The Covid layer in Google Maps will start rolling out worldwide on Android and iOS this week. Data featured in the Covid layer comes from multiple authoritative sources, including Johns Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia who among others.

“You’ll then see a seven-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 people for the area of the map you’re looking at, and a label that indicates whether the cases are trending up or down,” Google said in its blogpost.

Google is also planning to add colour coding feature to distinguish between the dense area.

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