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Bigg Boss Episode 10 and 11 highlights

So it started with “What a Karvad “ song and the two episodes were about the women in the house. Aishwarya and Yashika got upset when Ponanbalam crossed his limits and made a comment on previous day and Mumtaz explained Ponanbalam about it without creating a fuss. (I love her). As the girls lost the grocery shopping task, girls are supposed to act as slaves and boys as the masters. Each girl was assigned to a guy to do all the work. Mumtaz wanted to keep things straight. She was straight forward, she wanted to perform the task comfortably. She didn’t give up on her comfort zone. Whereas, Mahath and Shariq chose Yaashika and Aishwarya as their maids. Mahath asked Yashika to remove his t shirt and other contestants expected their maids to do like that. But, Janani initially refused to massage Sendrayan’s hands. Mumtaz refused to fold her hands when Sendrayan asked her to. Rythvika was asked to dance and there were many clashes and opinions between the boys and girls.

Luxury budget task made the girls suffer to a greater extent. Vaishnavi and Nithya cleaned the room assigned for the maids and Mumtaz was in kitchen all the time.

People sooner assumed that Mumtaz was being manipulated by Mamathi and the assumption is getting stronger and stronger. Mumtaz asked Yaashika and Aishwarya if they are willing to do whatever the masters say. Those two girls replied that they are doing only for the task and they don’t want to lose it.

The next day it started with a denial by Mumtaz. She didn’t want to change the clothes in the allotted area as she felt uncomfortable and removed her mic. Nithya (The Leader) tried to convince her but she was not ready. Mamathi commented about Ponanbalam to Janani and the guys wanted to punish Mumtaz and Mamathi as Bigg Boss wanted them to choose a poor performer. As , Mumtaz wasted 2 hours in the morning by not changing herself in the costume which was assigned, she was asked to clean the swimming pool for 2 hours and Mamathi was asked not to talk for the whole day.

Vaishnavi got into the middle of the conversation and said other girls are not comfortable in seeing Aishwarya feeding Shariq, but Aishwarya and Yashika made it clear that they are doing it only as a task. They both did Mumtaz’s punishment.

The team received a letter from Bigg Boss stating that rest room in girls area will be opened only in case of emergency.

Vaishnavi complained about Nithya to Balaji about the shortage of sugar and Balaji asked Nithya to be careful as the girls may corner her.

Sendrayan and Mahath had a misunderstanding but soon they came back to form.


The show ended with the girls’s performance and the results will be announced today!

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