My ‘Kaala’ experience

This certainly is not the review for the movie because I don’t know to write one. This is simply the feel I had after watching it.

As I walked out of the Kaala movie, There was a woman who asked for the review for the movie and questioned me whether she would like the movie or not. (Enakkulam padam pidikumnu nenaikareegala?). It took me a few minutes to understand the question itself. I felt the word ‘Enakkulam’ was the difference which Ranjith pointed out in the movie. I smiled and said ‘You might see yourself in the movie’ and returned home.

Ask me, if I’m a Rajini fan, yes, I admire his style etc., but I’m not a ‘fan’ because I always felt that his movie carried punch dialogues that in a way offended women and I always thought that Rajini influence people through his movies, but with the way all the women are portrayed in Kaala, I cannot ask for more, and everyone did their job very well.

Huma Qureshi, right from the Gangs of Wasseypur has been an excellent performer, and I adore the way she carried herself. She is one of the very few actors who can act, and provide justice to the roles they play. In fact, the movies consist more of performers than just the glam stars. Eswari Rao has been the household name for a long time now, and it is happy to see her on screen as well.

I happened to see Delhi in a day, and Anjali Patil caught my eyes, and from then on, I used to follow her as much as I did for Huma Qureshi. To me, she stole the show. The guts and everything just too remarkable.

Samutrakanni needs no mention but to me, Nana Patekar is kind of wasted in this movie. Of course, he did his role well. To me, He is such a powerful actor that I expected more scenes for him.

I wanted to see Kaala for Ranjith. I wanted to see how the things are portrayed. I would say I’m happy to see the way he carried the movie throughout, and It was just too good with the way he carried those ‘trolls’ as well. When most of the people didn’t like the ending, I loved it!

For the most, who knew how the areas portrayed here would really be, this movie will hit you hard, and for those who born and brought up there, this movie will bring back many memories.

I have had friends who grew up in similar areas, and their stories are just too beautiful. Of all, I understood from their story was that the ‘happiness’ tag for each person, for each area, varies and I do admire them.

To end this, I enjoyed the Kaala more for the way the women are portrayed here.

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