Poke the rogue in the dark room

“Poke the rogue in the dark room”, this is the translation I got in Google for the movie “Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu”. I have not seen the movie yet and I am not against any adult movies. Also reviewing a movie not even occurred in my dreams. 

This movie was certified as A which clearly means those who are above 18 can watch and it is totally prohibited for the under-aged. There are many accusations overflowing for this movie. Everyone has their own opinion and its their will to talk for or against a movie. But “movies” come under a tag called “entertainment” and adult movies are also included in that tag. If it is not, it would have been categorized as “porn” which can never be released in theaters. So, accusing the directors, actors for such a movie is not fine.

Why cannot we all see it as a movie? If you feel the next generation will get affected by such kind of movies please do switch on your tv channels and watch some of the talk shows and serials which portrays most of the illegal relationships. Our children won’t get affected by those shows? At least these movies have a certification to stop children from seeing them. But what about the dramas and shows in tv? Can we stop our kids from watching them?

Can we?

Image source Google