Bigg Boss


We got Vishwaroopam 2 audios now!

Yaayay! Kamal and Shruthi performing together was so good and the song is a piece of cake. Thank you Ghibran.

Kamal have taken a clever choice in hosting this show. He uses this platform to promote his political views and his movies (which is a good thing). He is a good representor by the way. He really talks what the viewers of the show wants to. He places the statements carefully so that the contestants don’t get offended. He made Mumtaz to sit out for a while as a punishment for removing the mike few days back and sorted out the issue between Balajee and Nithya. He made so clear that Nithya is not the weak contestant and she is getting cornered by others.

Balajee should stop his abusive talks towards the women in the house to survive for 100 more days and I feel nobody should trigger him to do that again.


The concern is so simple! Mahath’s behaviour towards other women are not pointed by Kamal Hassan. Is he waiting for the “annoying” behaviour to go over board so that they may increase the TRP and then try to solve the issue after pushing it to a greater extent?

Sendrayan trying to cool Nithya is fine but he will be scolded either by Nithya or Balajee if he continues as it is their family issue.

Everybody in the house is fake. Its not just Vaishnavi! I feel like everyone is acting safe and it is so obvious.

Mumtaz scolded Sendrayan for dropping the pickle and then she apologized is really a good thing and she need to be appreciated!


So the nominations were Ananth Vaidhyanathan, Mamathi Chari and Mumtaz last week for the eviction process and Mamathi got eliminated from the house.

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