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Fantasy sports games are the trend now with the sports lovers. Who wouldn’t love winning cash for just picking the playing XI? 
There are different types of fantasy games for different sports and comparatively, cricket has the least. Also, almost every single app looks similar. That is disheartening if you are an ardent cricket fan and looking for something that amuses you.

Now, let me explain about the cricket fantasy game first. For a particular match, you will be picking a team that will include the players from both the squad. For example, if there is a match between India and South Africa, You will be selecting players from both the teams. You got to select a minimum of two batsmen and maximum of five, same applies to the bowlers; maximum of three all-rounders and a wicket-keeper. After picking the team you can join different contests, either cash contest or just a practice one. If the players you selected performs well in the match, you will gain points accordingly. Those who top the leaderboard will get more cash. This is how the normal fantasy rolls.

Every single fantasy follows this same pattern but if you ask whether this is interactive, it’s a big no.

Finally, there is this app named crickingduels that offers an enhanced fantasy experience where you can actually be the eleventh player on your team. I mean obviously, it’s a mobile game but isn’t it nice to see your name on the scoreboard along with your favourite stars?

What’s that mean?

The app offers you something called Hybrid Fantasy along with the Basic Fantasy (traditional fantasy). Hybrid Fantasy is something where you will pick only ten cricketers and you will be the eleventh player and you get to predict ball-by-ball. For each right prediction, there will be additional points for your team. Along with the normal fantasy points, your right prediction will help you to win more and that makes the winnings easy. Isn’t it nice?

They even go by the tagline ‘PLAY, PREDICT, WIN.’

They were the fan engagement sponsor for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL two years back.

Since CSK is back, you can expect more from them! 
They do provide fantasy tips for most of the matches. This app which is still in the early stages sure is going to be a hit in the future.

Catch the app here- crickingduels