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Bigg Boss Tamil 6 – Day 20 Episode 21 – Vijay TV Show – today episode- 29-10-2022

Today’s Bigg Boss 6 Tamil episode begins with Friday’s continuation. We see Amudhavanan pranking Dhanalakshmi. Amudhavanan falls down in the bathroom and it didn’t go well with Dhanalakshmi who ends up crying.

Azeem’s time in the jail gets over.

Kamal then talks about Queency’s captaincy. Everyone says that she was arrogant at first but then changed and did well.

Kamal then asks about the fight between Azeem and Dhanalakshmi. Azeem used bad words towards Dhanalakshmi which started a big fight during week.

Kamal then plays a short film (kurumpadam) to show that Dhanalakshmi didn’t push anyone and Azeem was wrong about everything.

Kamal advises Azeem not to repeat things like these again and how his family thinks him as a hero. Azeem apologizes to everyone.

We see dolls with faces of the contestants. Kamal ask contestants to pick the doll of any contestant and say things about them, something which they couldn’t say before that contestant’s face.

Few contestants point out how they couldn’t understand Ayesha at all.

ADK picks out Asal and ask him to change his behavior. If he does, he would shine.

Many point out how Vikraman is straight forward.

Contestants appreciate Shivin for being an inspiration.

Rakshitha is saved first and then Ayesha.

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