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I am a food buff. I watch documentaries less and commercial cinema more. My Fav genre is RomCom but I read Dan Brown novels. So, I am a rare concoction of cinema, food and books. You can definitely say that I am a writer of fiction in few years.
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NGOs reviving the forests- Meet the crew behind it

Visali Annal
When there are not so many people who are concerned about nature and the environment, there is ateam, not just one team, a joint venture...

An Indian cooking in Tokyo | Hot/Cold Cocoa

Visali Annal
Desserts are something I could have at any time of the day and Tokyo is quite cold nowadays so I treat myself with hot cocoa...

Indian cooking in Tokyo : Avocado toast

Visali Annal
I would like to tag myself as a hearty eater as I always be fascinated by the combinations of different flavours and I have wondered...
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“I created my opportunities and didn’t wait for it”, says Alfred

Visali Annal
Alfred Jose started as an event manager and built himself by designing for his events. Then he discovered his passion for photography. From 2001, he...