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CSK: L Balaji reveals how Dhoni reacted right after posting the retirement video

CSK coach L Balaji was one of the few members who were near MS Dhoni when the latter announced the retirement from international cricket.

Dhoni, on August 15th, announced his retirement through an Instagram video. Talking about the incident Balaji said that Dhoni moved on just like that.

Speaking on Star Sports Tamil Cricket Connected, he said: “After practice gets over, I normally talk a lot to Dhoni about the wicket, about practising and playing conditions. So that day, I finished practice and I went inside. I did not realize that he had already put his retirement message at 7:29 pm.”

“So, after posting the message, Dhoni walked up to me as usual and he casually told me that he had asked the groundsman to water the ground extra for the pitch. I said okay. And I didn’t realize anything, it was a huge moment in his life. But, just like that, he moved on, and that’s Dhoni for you.
“I finally realised he announced his retirement. It took some time for me to sink at the moment. Dhoni’s uniqueness is the way he is detached. He will never stop no matter what the situation is, and moves on in his own style.”

Dhoni called it a day through Instagram video. The video had moments from different parts of his cricketing career with “Mein Pal..” song in the background.

However, Dhoni will be playing in the upcoming season of the IPL where he will be leading Chennai Super Kings as usual. The team, after practising at the Chepauk, is currently in Dubai for the IPL.

The 13th edition of the tournament will take place in the UAE and will begin from September 19th and will end on November 10th.

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ம.பி.யில் 750 மெகாவாட் சூரிய மின்திட்டம் – பிரதமர் மோடி நாட்டுக்கு இன்று அர்ப்பணிக்கிறார்


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