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Dear Chinmayi Akka…

In life you meet some people who inspire you, be there for you even though they hardly know you exist. To me, Chinmayi Akka is one such person.

If you are a crazy fan of someone, you always find a way or two to connect with that person. After being a super fan for years, in 2012, I found my way to connect with Chinmayi Akka. No, I did not write a letter or something but a small tweet. I was told that Akka was super active on Twitter, and I wanted to make use of the opportunity. After a few months of stalking, to my luck, there was a concert at that time, and Akka had put out a tweet announcing the event. I took my chance, sent a tweet to Akka, telling that I cannot wait to hear ‘Oru Deivam Thanda Poove’ song in the concert.

I was kicking myself to send something like that. I wanted to delete it. What if Akka reads that? I had so many questions (Yes, I have anxiety issues). Before I could delete the tweet, Akka was quick enough to reply to me that the song was not a part of the concert.

I was excited, shocked to see the reply. It was overwhelming for me. To get a reply from someone whom you admire is unexplainable. That reply really did make me comfortable. If not for that, I would have deleted my Twitter account which now acts as the tunnel for penbugs. One thing led to another, and I cannot thank Akka enough for this.

We are all humans, and we do take people for granted. So did I. Since Akka was replying me whenever I tweeted, I tweeted more, I did become super crazy. You cannot blame me for the same because I was super young at that time. I had different questions in my mind, I kept tweeting them all which I do feel bad now.

Still, Akka was polite enough to me to keep replying whenever it was worth it. I was one of the first people to look into, and share Akka’s works and I felt happy while doing so.

I have seen Akka performing live many times but I had only one opportunity to meet and talk to her. I still cherish the moment and the picture I took on that day. The picture always will stay close to my heart. Akka was able to recognize me when I introduced me during the meet. The moment was special.

As the years passed, I had an opportunity to meet Akka’s amma as well who was too good to make me talk through my difficulties and to invite me home. I, of course, had a great time at her place and cannot wait to meet her again.

As I already penned, for the past two years, I was fighting depression and anxiety. Chinmayi Akka’s songs did help me a lot. More than that, Akka did stand by me whenever I was going through something. At times, I do feel better.

I’m a better person today because of Akka who in a way helped me to open up about certain issues, and I feel good about it.

I know I’m blabbering something, but it is difficult for me to explain the role Akka has played in my life, to make me a better person and to be there for me whenever I needed even though she doesn’t know me.

Dear Akka,
Happy Birthday. I’ve never met a person in my life who is as strong as you are, someone who stands up for what is right and doesn’t give a damn. You are an inspiration, Akka. Someone we all look up to. Thanks for being there through your voice. You give us all hope, Akka. Hope is certainly a big word. I know the battles you are fighting are not easy and if it helps you in a way, you are not alone. I wish you all happiness ahead. I do wish to meet you soon as well (I need a better picture you see. I’m so tired of using the same again and again.) Loads of love, Akka.