Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | Review

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary return to hogwarts

As a loyal Potterhead, seeing ‘Return to Hogwarts’ felt like going back to my childhood once again. or Do I say I have never left it?

I still run the Harry Potter movie marathon at least once a year. I harness a delightful power from the movies to seize the moment in time. With Harry’s gumption, I learned I do have earned things in life and I need to embrace them. With Hermoine’s wisdom, I learned that I needed to find my own compass to get through life. And Ron and his careworn face always remind me that how privileged I’m to get scared because I know that I have people around me to make me feel alright. The movies gave me so many vivid memories. Life does get transferred from books to movies every time when I revisit the film. Harry Potter films celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year. It has been 20 years since the first part of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone’s (2002) came out.

In this 1 hour 42 mins long reunion, you listen to those iconic characters from Harry Potter, telling how they felt when they were creating history. Be it the moment when Emma said she felt held by the stories, or be it when Rupert says he always recalls an event in his life in reference to the period or the year he did the movies or the fact he felt different when he was called by his real name and not Ron, Or when Daniel says that they all saw each other grow up as a family do, I resist myself from bawling with swirling emotions. Ron fondly remembers how he found Chris Columbus, the director of the first part of the Philosopher’s Stone, like a dad in the set. Those 3 actors look back that as little children how comfortable they were made to get the best out of them by the great professionals around them.

The films never fail to amaze me. As much as it fills the great part in the lives of the cast members, it fills the same great part in their fans’ lives. The films and the books are there as a supportive shoulder of a friend. The stories enlighten us. It gives hope. it fills its purpose. The alphabet H has been beautiful to its isomeric symmetry. Just like Harry, I’d still be the kid looking up, with a surprised look and a wide smile, at that Hogwart’s beguiling sky, the dangling candles, the sorting hat and the enchanted tent, and go ‘magic’.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.

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