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“Life will take you where you are exactly supposed to go”, says Ramya Christina

Firstly, I want to thank Almighty for letting me to get inspired from many beautiful souls by writing a blog about them. Interactions with  these inspiring people makes me to go where I want to and one such personality is Ramya Christina. When a friend of mine suggested me to converse with her, I took two days to know about her by going through her profile and then I proceeded. Have to confess that she is a bunch of good vibes and she passed positivity to me through Whatsapp. 

I wish I could meet her in person when I go to Chennai.

Thank you so much for your galvanizing words Ramya! It really helps me grow!

Tell us about your present life.

I am an upcoming vitiligo model and a short filmmaker trying to become a director and am quite happy with my present life also I have a lot of supporters and enough strength is growing up in me. Looking at the feedbacks and positive notes from the people make me very happy. So, yeah! This is my present life.


When did you choose “modelling” as your career?

When I encountered people who gained confidence and awareness after seeing me. “Why not inspire? Why not motivate people?” all these questions made me choose modelling.

How was your childhood and what made you think that vitiligo is not something which could affect your personality?

My childhood, to be honest, it was a nightmare, terrible nightmare. One thing that hurt me so bad is I never got any attention which I am supposed to get. I was always treated as a contagious person and was kept aside from fun. Not even my teachers and family were supportive. I have seen people telling other children from the school not to befriend me and not to get along with me thinking that it is contagious. Teachers have also been rude to me and I cannot exactly disclose everything. But teachers have to be supportive but they were not. They were rude and mean to me. To talk about Vitiligo and its effects on my personality. Actually, It was a big task to realise. When I was really grown up to be a teenager, I started realising that my personality was damaged by the society and I just wanted to make a difference. Instead of putting myself down, I got out and presented myself beautifully and overcame the fact that I have vitiligo.


How many photo shoots have you done so far?

Professional photo shoots are 3 so far. My close friends encouraged me to do modelling and I am just a budding model. Chances have lined up and am choosing between them. In near future, it will be a big career for me.

Do you believe that there is a strong force beyond you? If so, what is it?

I wouldn’t call it a strong force. I am spiritual, not religious. There is something beyond my knowledge, there is something beyond my control and it has the ability to do good to me, to correct me when I am wrong and I call it God. I am a Christian and I am not a “namesake” Christian or a “Christian labelled” Christian. I follow Christ for his words and morals.

Where do you see yourself in another 10 years?

I have a couple of business ideas, I want to become an entrepreneur. I want myself as the best producer in the industry and want to become a supermodel like Winnie Harlow and I see myself as a people choice director which would produce more knowledge than fun.


Have you involved yourself in any awareness programme regarding vitiligo?

I have been a chief guest to a motivational programme and I was also called for a radio programme. A couple of articles were released about me in the magazines and there is so much going on in creating awareness.

What made you move on from all the comments you received so far?

Comments have always put me down. They always haunted me. I always wanted to end up myself and was very low so that I would stop hearing stuff like that. At some point, I felt tired and I didn’t want to encourage about anything further and “why to take serious and why not ignore them” made me move on. When I started putting a smile on my face and carried myself forward, it made people realise that they made a mistake by judging me. That’s how I moved on.


What is the “one mantra” that made you stronger?

I don’t call it a mantra but it is just life. Life just brought me to where I am today. Life will take you where you are exactly supposed to go. And that’s what I call as my push and whatever I do, it will take me to my destination.