Queen (web series)[2019]: A manifestation of a terrific journey that’s irresistibly and satisfactorily layered

The advent of one the most prominent filmmakers to the small screen, in Tamil, has inspirited and instigated this new launch. Director Gautam Vasudev Menon collaborates with Kidaari fame Director Prasath Murugesan and creates this gem of a historical drama.

With Reshma Ghatala‘s spellbinding writing, Queen sets the standard high. It fascinates with a-eleven-part episodes to tightly hold one’s attention. The historical drama is about having a dialogue with one of the most powerful leaders of Tamil Nadu, to look back the critical points in her journey and dive into her headspace during those tough times. The writing, meticulously, explore the life of the protagonist, Shakthi Seshadri, whenever she has to go against the tides in her life.

The acting and the political career of Shakthi Seshadri is resoundingly crafted to visualize how she claws her way out of her ordeal. The writing describes how gradually Shakthi turns herself into a formidable being. The various flavors in the story are remarkably combined and linger with the after taste. And the riveting drama that spells the hardships in Shakthi’s life and registers that she has indeed had a quite a life.

The character’s strenuous effort is tightly penned down in her narration. Her climb from the lowest rung of the ladder justifies her ambitiousness and her resilience. Anikha and Anjana Jayaprakash are brilliant choices of casts to reprise the role of Shakthi in the early stages of her career. The story states the truth and help us witness the facts from behind the screen. It offers an opinion, a visual and an essential perspective to the protagonist’s life.

In her era of career, Shakthi shines in the two most male-dominated industry, Cinema and Politics. The fear and respect, that’s stringed out to her, from men is flamboyant. Her words are impossible to defeat. Her charisma and invincibility never allow the room for any interruption or disagreement to her words.

The casts who play the important roles in Shakthi’s life are terrifically represented. Indrajith Sukumaran, Tulsi, Vamsi Krishna and the nonchalant Sonia Aggarwal have done the job and very close to flawless. Shakthi’s display of authority arrests the listeners and makes them follow to her rise. Reshma’s writing certainly knows to own the trope and its way on how to approach the graph of Shakthi’s life.

This historical representation tremendously infuse a life into this hardship tale. The series is mysteriously impressive and striking until the very end of this season. The cinema career, the love affair and the political journey of Shakthi are established in an impeccably retro-modern style. Ramya Krishnan, as Shakthi in her political career, brilliantly asserts the authority and resilience with her own elegance.

Shakthi’s intelligence and her daunting appearance is outstanding, ambitious and irresistible. She wakes up to her own rescue and lives to tell the tale of her infectious courage.

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