Here’s to new beginnings

Dear whoever is reading this.

I know you had different plans for 2020. I know it’s hard that things didn’t work out that way. I know the life didn’t treat you fair this year. You might have lost your job, your business, closed ones, family. You might have lost everything that you took time to build.

You might have fallen out of relationships, things would have taken a toll on you and your mental health. I know everything turned out poor than what you had asked for and worked for. You would have ended up fighting for your sleep, cried a million times, felt lonely, you might have had trouble connecting with people like you usually do, and a few would have wanted end your life too because everything gave you trauma.

You found it hard to find help because most of the people would have had trouble connecting with the phase you are in, and with the things you went through. I tell you what, you were not alone. Almost everyone, in a way, was miserable this year but hey, you survived and a few couldn’t. You got through this time all by yourself. You might not have ended this year on a high as you have planned, but as long as you are alive, you can turn things around. It’s okay. You will find a new job, start building your dream again. You’ll heal someday. Maybe, not today but someday as long as you are working on it. You will meet someone, You will fall in love again. You just have to look around and carry that hope.

Take one step at a time. Enjoy tiny victories. Look around, you will see everyone going around in the same circle. Give your hand if you can to help them, try to listen to their problems if you are in the right mood to do so and if not, it’s okay. Remember to be kind. If someone is telling you their problems, you don’t have to relate to that and talk about yours. We are not in competition here. If you don’t understand their problems, it’s okay to simply listen.

I do understand that social media can give you trauma. It’s okay to shut things off and to disappear for a while until you are feeling okay and are ready to accept things. It’s okay to cry. If you think that you really need help, ask for it. If you feel that you are not okay, it’s good to see a therapist. Make sure to give yourself some alone time. Your ‘ME’ time. Indulge in self-care. It’s important. I’m sending you love, happiness, strength to get through whatever you are going through. Just remember, you are loved and your existence is important to the universe because you, in a way, make the world better. Here’s is the deal. Start working on the things that you can control. Things will fall in places for you.

On the other hand, those few who have had an excellent year because you were able to stay at home for the first time with your family, cherish those moments. For those who have got a promotion, got married, made your dream a reality, enjoy your victories and grow more this year.

Either way, Congrats on surviving a brutal year. Be proud of yourself. Here’s to new beginnings!

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