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Rahul Dravid responds to Wriddhiman Saha’s Comments: Not hurt at all, have deep respect for Saha


Indian head coach Rahul Dravid, on Sunday, responded to Wriddhiman Saha’s comments. Dravid, who attended the press conference after India’s series win over West Indies, said that he was not hurt by Saha’s words at all and elaborated that he needed honesty and clarity.

“I’m not hurt at all. I have a deep respect for Wriddhiman Saha and his achievements and contributions to Indian cricket. My conversation with him came from that place. He deserved honesty and clarity. I didn’t want him to hear about it from the media,” he said.

He also added that he doesn’t expect players to like all the conversations he has with them.

“These are conversations I have with players. I’m not hurt about it at all because I don’t expect players to like all the messages or agree with them. But that doesn’t mean you brush it under the carpet and don’t have the conversations”

He also mentioned that it is natural for the players to get upset when they are not picked in the playing XI.

“Even now, before every XI is picked either me or Rohit will speak to those not playing. It’s natural for players at times to get upset. I just felt my team deserved clarity and honest and that’s all I was trying to convey.”

He also went on to add that the team is looking to groom young keepers.

“We have only 3 Tests this year and with Rishabh Pant having established himself, we were looking to groom a younger wicketkeeper. This doesn’t change my feelings or respect for Wriddhi or his contribution.”

He concluded the answer by telling that he is at least upfront with them rather than not having these tough conversations.

“The easiest thing for me is to not have these conversations but that’s not who I am. I hope at some stage they will respect the fact that I was at least able to front up and have these conversations with them.”

Wriddhiman Saha, on Saturday, said that Dravid had asked him to retire. Saha gave an elaborated interview right after the squad for the upcoming series against Sri Lanka was announced. Saha was one of the regular names who had missed the cut this time.

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