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Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Day 2, Episode 3, 11th October Updates

bigg boss 6 tamil day 2 episode 3

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Day 2, Episode 3:

Bigg Boss 6 Tamil Day 2 is the continuation of the last night. Bigg Boss gives a task called “Ice Breaker” task, where he asks the housemates to make friends with other contestants. A particular contestant must call another contestant and speak about why they want to be friends with this contestant.

ADK calls Asal. He says that Asal is genuine and he admires his talent.

Amuthavanan wants to be friends with GP Muthu because he is always cool and handles everything with fun.

Shanthy also wants to be friends with GP Muthu because he is helpful and nice.

Janani wants to be friends with Asal. This is because she feels safe around him.

Robert wants to be friends with Rakshitha.

Asal wants to talk more with Aysha. He says that he couldn’t communicate with her at all. Aysha explains how she has her inner circle and how she is an introvert. She begins to cry.

Azeem then consoles her telling her that it is good to talk your heart out at the beginning of the show itself.

Asal then asks sorry too.

Bigg Boss then provide T-shirts for each group and all the members must wear it while working.

Shivin, who is the head of the cooking group, wants to help out the team. Maheshwari and Shanty want her to wear the Bigg Boss T-shirt but she doesn’t listen. This turns into a small fight.

Then we see the Bigg Boss task.
-There will be a complaint and review box

  • Each team member should review the complaints they receive and based on that, they will be given stars by other teams.
  • Cooking team must provide a welcome drink to everyone, if teammates ask, they should feed others too.
  • Cleaning team must make sure the place is clean and they must entertain the teammates too.
  • Nobody should enter restroom without getting permission from bathroom cleaning team
  • Vessel washing team should always make sure to keep the sink clean.

Azeem and Maheshwari fight over coffee but they patch up as Azeem asks for sorry.

We then see another round. Everyone must shout before the mic and Bigg Boss will calculate the decibel. Whoever shouts big will win the round. One member is allowed from each team.

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