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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil 11th January Day 100 updates

Bigg Boss 5 tamil Day 100 11th jan

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 100 begins with Bigg Boss telling the contestants that everyone would take over the Bigg Boss role for the day, one by one. Everyone will be given certain hours as Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss would announce when it would be.

Bigg Boss appoints Priyanka first. Priyanka’s first rule in the house is to allow everyone to sleep for two hours in the afternoon.

She then asks Niroop and Ameer to give her massages

She asks Ameer not to talk to Pavni.

Asks Pavni to change outfit and do a ramp walk

Made Raju clean the living area

Priyanka says that she was supposed to do that work but is feeling lazy at the moment.

Once the task gets over, everyone runs to hit Priyanka.

Then we see Niroop take over. He gives everyone a task.

He asks everyone to share an exciting memory inside the house.

Later, Niroop gives a task to Ameer and Priyanka. He wants to see who is the best when it comes to Omelette.

During Ameer’s time, Ameer wants everyone to talk about other contestants and why they are deserving finalists.

We then see a task. Bigg Boss asks everyone to gift something to a fellow contestant, something special.

  • Ameer gifts two shirts to Raju.
  • Priyanka also gives it to Raju. She gives a headband, a jacket to him.
  • Pavni says that she has always talked about everyone but had never said how special Niroop is to her. So, she gifts her earring stud to him saying that it suits him more.
  • Raju gifts a jacket to Ameer. Looks like Ameer had told that he loved it.
  • Niroop says that Priyanka is his happiness and sadness inside the house and therefore, he gifts her a bracelett which his mother gifted him.

Ameer and Pavni talk about what had happened during the round. Pavni says that Niroop is that irritating friend everyone has in their life and she felt that the ear stud suited well for him. Pavni says that she has something from every single contestant and hugs Ameer, telling him that he has been a good friend and had stopped bothering her when she said she didn’t like it.

We then see Raju try Priyanka’s gift, he wears the jacket she had gifted him and it is very small for him. Priyanka and Niroop laugh at him for that.

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