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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil 12th January Day 101 updates

Bigg Boss 5 tamil day 101 12th jan

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 101 begins with the entry of former contestants- Suruthi and Nadia Chang. They bring in outfits for the finalists for the final.

Everyone talks about old times inside the house. Suruthi questions Pavni. In one of the recent rounds, Pavni had said that Suruthi isn’t close to her compared to Madhumitha and others.

Pavni doesn’t understand what had happened but going by what Suruthi had said to her, she assumes that they didn’t show the entire conversation on television and therefore it looked bad. She didn’t say that. Pavni then hugs Suruthi.

Suruthi and Ameer talk alone. Ameer asks about the response outside and they talk about his leg.

Ameer and Raju tease Pavni who is with Suruthi. They say that since her friends are back, Ameer will be invisible to her from now on.

Raju teases Ameer and Suruthi for wearing same color outfit.

Nadia talks about the rope task where Niroop and Priyanka had a big fight. Nadia said that she had watched the show and it looked senseless and Niroop elaborates about the task.

We then see Ciby and Abhinay enter the house. They are given a task to conduct a radio show like an event where they would ask the contestants a few questions and later, would play a song of their choice.

Questions for Niroop-
-How did you become a finalist, is it because of the foolishness of other contestants or his intelligence?

Other’s foolishness.

-Someone who had impressed him inside the house


-If he had to change something in the way the contestants had played this game, what he would change in them?

Pavni about opening up. Ameer- think before talking. Raju could’ve been more straightforward. Priyanka shouldn’t indulge in all issues.

Questions move to Raju

-If he is going to make a film with Bigg Boss contestants, Who will be the hero, heroine, villain

Hero- Ciby, Heroine- Akshara, Priyanka, Pavni, Suruthi, Villain -Niroop and it would be a horror film.

Question for Priyanka

-If she gets an opportunity to come back into the house, what she would change?

Nothing much but to sleep on the other side of the bed.

-Apart from fans’ love what had made Priyanka come this far?


-If she wants to go back to a particular day in the house, which one it would be?

The day her family entered the house

Question for Ameer

-If he didn’t win the ticket to the finale, does he think that he would have entered the final?


-An advice to Pavni

Think properly at least from now on.

Questions to Pavni

-Was she happy when any of the contestants had left the house?


-Weakness of each contestant-

Priyanka is emotional, Raju doesn’t allow anyone inside the bubble, She couldn’t find out Ameer’s weakness, Niroop thinks too much and because of that, he would miss a lot of bonds.

We then see all the male contestants singing songs together.

Everyone is seen talking about old rounds. Priyanka makes fun of Raju’s participation in the political round. Priyanka teases Raju telling that everyone, except for Abhinay, from her political party Urakka Chol, had reached the final.

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