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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil 3rd January Day 92 updates

Bigg Boss 5 tamil day 92 3rd January

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 92 begins with Bigg Boss announcement. All contestants must nominate two contestants for elimination and they must do it by giving them a garland. They must tell them the reason for the same too.

Ameer says that Raju is very confident that he would get into the final. He is not okay with him giving up for someone else.

Raju says that he didn’t really give up for anyone but he wanted both Ameer and Sanjeev to go forward as they came in very late and couldn’t showcase their talents. Therefore, he wanted them to do well.

Ameer then nominates Thamarai, asks her why she didn’t break anyone else’s egg in the egg breaking task. Ameer adds that he played as a team and wanted to take Thamarai’s eggs. He keeps questioning her why she didn’t take down Raju’s egg. She says that she didn’t think about it. Ameer says that he is not satisfied with that reason and nominates her.

Niroop nominates Ciby. He doesn’t want to nominate Raju as he believes that it’s a waste as the audience will save him anyway. He, therefore, nominates Ciby and talks about the egg breaking task where he got “unspoken” help, other contestants were supporting him during that task. Ciby is not okay with the same and wants the real reason and asks him to accept that he nominates Ciby because he knows that Raju and Priyanka would be saved anyway. Therefore, he had nominated him.

Raju is not okay with Niroop’s reason here, for involving him.

Niroop then nominates Thamarai, says that she would be saved by the audience.

Pavni nominates Raju first. She feels like she is the easy target for him here. He says that she talks differently every single day. She is not a trustable person. Pavni says that it is his issue and not hers. They discuss all the problems they had inside the house and in the end, Pavni gives up the conversation as it was going nowhere.

Ciby nominates Niroop by saying that he is afraid, he didn’t nominate Raju because of the fan following. Niroop says that it is logical thinking, considering the fan following. Ciby says that he is not okay with it as one should be always confident of winning. Niroop gives up the argument.

He then nominates Raju for telling him that he wasn’t happy with the reason he had given to Ameer, (he said that he wanted Ameer and Sanjeev to get to the next round. In that same round, Ciby also participated).

Raju nominates Pavni, telling them that he had already explained the reason and Pavni is not okay with it, saying that he didn’t have a proper reason here. She later gives up the conversation.

He then nominates Ciby.

Priyanka nominates Thamarai first, talks about the egg task and the aftermath. She nominates her to show that she is not emotionally attached to Thamarai.

She nominates Niroop next, says that he always tells that he is always logical but he had never shown it well. He also changes words according to the situation. Niroop says that it is Priyanka and she is acting to win the Bigg Boss title. Priyanka wonders why she likes Niroop even after all these things.

Thamarai nominates Priyanka but she keeps laughing. She says that she was the one who started the fight in the egg task. She also mentions that they love each other more but it is outside the task.

Thamarai then nominates Niroop, telling that he doesn’t have self-confidence as he keeps telling that Raju and Priyanka would fight for the title but not him.

Bigg Boss nominates everyone except for Ameer for the week.

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