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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil 8th January Day 97 updates

Bigg boss 5 tamil day 97 8th jan

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Day 97 begins with Kamal taking us through the week.

Everyone is seen talking, making fun of each other. Priyanka asks Bigg Boss to give some fun tasks as it is boring.

Later, Raju rants about how difficult it is to live without sugar and salt. He then requests Bigg Boss to give them those.

Bigg Boss then asks whether they need a luxury budget or sugar, salt. They stick to the luxury budget.

Bigg Boss then gives them salt and sugar as well.

Kamal calls Ciby to the stage and asks when he thought to take the money.

Ciby says that when Niroop picked up the call for the first time, he ran to keep the salt and sugar inside. At that time, Ciby asked why Niroop was afraid.

Later, when he thought about it, he realized that he was more afraid rather than being confident. He was actually shocked about it. Since he was losing his identity, he left the house.

Kamal wants Ciby to talk to the contestants and must tell them about their positives and negatives.

Priyanka- He was happy about the journey. The response for her is good. She is very caring but she believes everyone.

Pavni- She is very smart, analyses everything well. Very diplomatic, something that could backfire.

Niroop- He is always focused on the game and he has a good heart. He is truthful to the game but is not to himself.

Raju- He is very close to him. Raju is always patient and he always takes that effort to solve any problems.

Thamarai- He feels like, in recent times, she is not here to win the game but just wants to stay inside the house. She also wants to take that fridge and oven from the house.

Ameer- He is very focused on the game.

He is very happy to see everyone grow here.

We then see his short film.

Kamal wishes him all the best and appreciates Ciby for being honest always.

Kamal then talks to contestants, asks about the nomination. Thamarai says that Ameer has nominated her by asking questions and then he answered it by himself.

Kamal then talks about Niroop’s selection.

Priyanka says that she wasn’t ready to nominate him at first as he always plays the game like this. Even he was ready to accept what had happened.

Pavni says that he was ready to go that down and it was very shocking.

Niroop says that his purpose here was greater than his pride. He says that he just travelled with the plot.

Priyanka says that he thinks way too much and at some point, everyone even felt that he needs medical treatment.

Priyanka adds that he knows everything and he excepts everyone to play the game based on his pattern but he doesn’t understand that everyone is involved in it.

Niroop says that nobody was ready to go to that state and he just wanted to reach the final.

Ameer says that Niroop has his own pattern and makes some random conversation until we all agree to his point. He wouldn’t have agreed to whatever people had said if it wasn’t the final task.

He then adds that everyone agreeing to his point makes it all worse.

Niroop says that he was ready to go out as well and contestants say that he knows that nobody would nominate him to send him home in that task.

Thamarai is not ready to accept the reasons Niroop had said.

Kamal asks whether he was selfish in that house. Everyone says yes.

Everyone talks about everything once again and Kamal wants everyone to think about the consequences because of that.

The contestants nominated gets a box with their name on it.

Raju is the third finalist of the show.

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