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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil | Day 51 | 23rd November | Daily Updates

Bigg boss 5 tamil day 51

Day 51 of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil begins with the continuation of the last night’s dance marathon. We see Akshara-Varun dance and then Ciby-Thamarai. Bigg Boss announce that most of the contestants failed to dance well. Thus, he introduces a choreographer. Ameer enters the house. He will be teaching everyone dance moves in the morning.

We move to the task of the week. It is based on school days. For the entire week, all the contestants must act as if they are in boarding high school, must dress the same as well.

Ciby will be the strict warden, Abhishek and Raju are the warden/teacher. Ameer will look after the morning dance routine.

Among students-
Akshara will be the sports coordinator and must teach everyone yoga in the morning.

Varun, Iyakki, Niroop, Abhinay plans for a welcome tea party for the new contestant- Ameer. They add salt instead of sugar to his tea.

Ciby warns everyone for doing this considering this is a boarding school and asks who did that.

We then see Yoga class and then assembly. In the assembly, all the contestants are made to introduce themselves regarding why they are in the house.

Later we see Priyanka turning into a rebel, singing break the rules songs. Ciby asks her to get out of the class. Along with her, most of the contestants gets out as well.

Ciby and Abhishek then make a pact with the students to get into the class.

Abhishek makes all contestants draw something that would represent their personality.

Raju, as the Tamil teacher, asks everyone to write motivational stuff. Priyanka writes “Jalsa pannungada” song. Ciby makes her leave the class once again. Imman, Thamarai gets punishment as well.

Ciby then talks big of Raju, the Tamil teacher, and Priyanka gives counter for everything which makes everyone including the wardens laugh out loud.

Bigg Boss then Ciby to make Akshara, Iyakki dye their hair as this round is about boarding school. They agree and change their hair color to black.

The day ends with Ciby announcing that Abhinay is the best student for the day. He says that he will pick a different student for each day.

Priyanka is made to sleep outside, Pavni gives her company.

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