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Day 12 of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 begins with Mr Kamal’s  “sonna padi kelu” song.

Suruthi and Pavni asks Thamarai Selvi to go and bath. The latter says that they shouldn’t tell her what to do and she knows what is doing.

Suruthi clarifies it saying that they cannot bath now as they have to cook. Thus, they had asked her to bath. Pavni then turns it a funny conversation by hugging Thamarai Selvi. The latter then asks about Pavni’s outfit-who is wearing shorts- says it works on her.

Priyanka and Niroop are seen talking in the bedroom. Priyanka says that she had found out that there is something happening between two contestants. Niroop says that he already knows it and then Priyanka reveals a secret told by another contestant to Niroop. We don’t get to see what she was telling. However, it is about someone who had confessed something to another contestant. The group had made fun that contestant the whole night.

She says that she is going to start Priyanka Matrimony and asks Niroop about the girl he wants. Niroop says that he just want a GIRL. Then adds that when they go out, everyone should turn their heads to see her; he wants someone who would fight with him but that fight should end by the evening. Priyanka requests the audience to send picture to Bigg Boss house.

Akshara is the next one in the Priyanka Matrimony interview. She says that she needs a guy who is a affectionate, handsome (anbaanavan, azhagaanavan) and a bit of adimai (slave). She is okay with any profession. Priyanka looks into camera, asks men to send details by using Pigeon as messenger and they will get back to them.

Pavni and Thamarai Selvi has deep discussion regarding who should bath next.

We then move to kitchen where a few boys were seen discussing regarding the drama.

Priyanka is cleaning vessels and asks Thamarai if she is her friend or not. Thamarai says yes and immediately, Priyanka asks who is the best contestant, who has done all the household chores correctly. Priyanka wants Thamarai to tell her name but the latter says Nadia. Priyanka then asks again she says Isaivani this time. Thamarai laugh out loud while hugging Priyanka.

The boys then asks Thamarai to show them how to start the drama. She acts and since the boys keeps talking, Thamarai says she will not act and leaves the kitchen.

We move to Luxury budget task round and
Raju narrates his story.
He begins with wishing everyone a happy Vijayadhasami.

He says that both Bigg Boss and him are famous for the eyes. He greets his mother for giving that. He adds those eyes are literally his identity. He then says that people would say him that he is very multi- talented. His father is the reason for that and he greets him next. He then greets his two gurus- K Bhagyaraj and Nelson.

He begins his story with a flashback. It starts 70 to 80 years ago. It was a festival time and there was a drama going on. Someone named Lakshmanan talks in MR Radha voice (Raju mimics a dialogue in MR Radha’s voice and gets a huge cheer from contestants). From the audience, Lakshmanan’s father comes up and drags him by his ears. There ended Lakshmanan’s dream. However, he kept trying until his end but he couldn’t do much. His son was Mohan and the latter’s son is Raju.

He was born in 7 and half months itself. It happened during when her mother was watching mullum malarum film in theatres. His parents are from different religion and when he was born, a big problem came when they had to name him. His father’s side named him as Edwin Raj while his mother’s side named him as Lakshmanan Kumar. His neighbors used to call him as Raj Kumar. In order to break all these, he changed his name into Raju.

His father was lenient and supportive while his mother was strict. The latter had asked him not to talk to women. Right from that moment, he became curious and spent most of the days talking to women. He says he cannot talk to men for more than 10 minutes and talking to them is irritating.

He always had interest in cinema. When he was young, it was the connecting factor of both his father’s and mother’s family. Because of different religion, they never spoke well to each other but going to theatres together connected them. Thus, he began search his God in cinema. Later on, he began to study Viscom and was shocked to see that the girls and boys moved without any restrictions. It was fun as well as a surprise for him.

During his studies, he did a short film and had all female lead characters. While editing the film, he came to know that his father had passed away. Because of that, he couldn’t finish editing the film properly. Still, he screened it in his college and had huge applause. Mr K Bhagyaraj was the chief guest for the show and he had appreciated the film as well. Raju then asked him to give any opportunity. Bhagyaraj said that he would look into it and days later, he had a call from their office and he worked as his assistant for a year.

From him, Raju had learnt a lot through experience. He then went to Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal audition. From thereon, his journey started. He says that he is currently standing in a big stage and it is just the interval of his story. He adds that his wife is standing behind him and she knows how he feels about her. He ends the talk with hopes that he would come up in life.

Everyone hugs him and congratulates him for the way he told the story. Once again, only three of them gave him likes as there is no like or heart emoji left for a lot of contestants.

The girls were seen getting ready. In boys’ room, Abhishek talks to Niroop. He says that the relationship had impacted Niroop. A lot of situations had made him the man he is. He talks about how he is always able to guess another person’s character because of his experiences. Priyanka and Abhinay agrees. Abhishek then makes fun of Priyanka and Abhinay for their age. They laugh and leave the room.

Abhishek and Abhinay are seen talking outside. Abhinay says that he is confused about leading the life. He doesn’t know whether he has to go back to be that guy he was 10 years ago or he should be changing him for the future. He adds that he doesn’t live for future but for the day and never liked to plan ahead.

Minutes later, Suruthi asks Abhishek about an appreciation he gave her. He had said that Suruthi was silent for most days and only after she came to the cooking team, she is seen more. Suruthi says that it had hurt her. Abhishek consoles her saying that he didn’t mean that way but had simply appreciated her cooking as everyone in that team is older than her and she had done a fine job.

He also adds that the beauty of Bigg Boss is that everyone learns something new and something else from other person. He appreciates Akshara for helping everyone to stay fit.

We then see girls and Abhishek eating outside. Priyanka is seen lying on Madhumitha’s lap and everyone is feeding her. Abhishek makes fun of how Priyanka sleeps at night and how she doesn’t leave space for Pavni there. Raju asks everyone to eat quick in order to continue their practice.

Niroop and Priyanka were seen talking near the restroom area. Priyanka says that she loves what is going on in the house. Niroop replies that she seems like a different person than she was when she had entered the house. Priyanka adds that she is still the same person but everyone is coming and talking to her. She reveals that Niroop and Abhishek are her comfort zone.

Niroop interrupts saying that she should break that mould to come out of comfort zone as that is the reason why they are here. Priyanka also adds that every single girl contestant in the house is coming and asking her to talk to her and she explains a few instances for the same.

As Niroop leaves, Priyanka talks to Bigg Boss about how affectionate the girl contestants are to her and how they all want her to talk to them. Varun listens it and has a smile on his face.

Niroop and Priyanka continues to talk. He says that it could be her own thoughts that makes her think that everyone wants to talk to her. She disagrees with that and adds that she loves to make everyone comfortable and had made many introverts break down. It’s more of her obsession to do that.

He then talks about the earlier issue with Imman Annachi. She says that she had sorted it out and they appreciate him for playing the game right and how he always looks out for everyone and keeps them happy.

We then move to a task. Abhishek reads it. Bigg Boss asks contestants to pick up a best contestant/entertainer in the house and two contestant who aren’t showing much involvement and have disappeared in recent times. He announces Pavni, Abhishek and Akshara as the judges for the task. All contestants must reveal these names to them and the judges will decide based on the number of votes.

We see them discuss and then talk to the judges. The latter sits out and discuss the vote while other contestants tries to see through the door.

Bigg Boss then gives the costumes for the drama and it begins.

Raju does the role of a joker who explains the story while Priyanka is the host to introduce everyone. Abhishek plays Mirudhangam.

The show begins with Isaivani’s song. Then Priyanka was supposed to introduce Chinnaponnu for a song. However, Priyanka forgets that. Chinnaponnu still sings a song and was visibly upset.

Priyanka consoles her saying that she didn’t know that she was going to sing as she wasn’t informed.  Abhishek had forgotten to inform her and he comes down to asks sorry to Chinnaponnu and asks her to forget it.

Chinnaponnu accepts the sorry and the drama goes on.

There is a king (played by Ciby) treats a woman (Pavni) badly. It looks like it is his routine. A messenger (Varun) to Shiva(Niroop) and Parvathi (Isaivani), sees that and informs the God. The latter says that Parvathi will go to earth as a girl who is yet to be born and will kill him.

We then see Chinnaponnu with a baby going to temple priest (Imman Annachi) to name the kid. 12 years later, we see the kid Muthamma (Thamarai Selvi) being ignored by Chinnaponnu for not obeying her speech. Chinnaponnu asks Muthamma to leave.

We then see the messenger and his wife (Nadia) talk and the messenger meets Muthamma who he considers as sister. Muthamma reveals what had happened and he helps her out.

The joker (Raju) sees that and complains to messenger’s wife who rushes to see Muthamma. They get into fight and Muthamma turns her into statue.

Messenger requests Muthamma to change her once again. She says that he has to go to a land and must get a flower. That flower would cure his wife. She also says that if he faces any danger while going there, he just has to call her name and she will be there.

The messenger begins his journey and when he reaches there, he is arrested by the king.

The king beats him up as well. The messenger calls Muthamma for help and we see Parvati. She kills the king and with that the drama ends.

The contestants then wishes us all well for Vijayadhasami.

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