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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 | Day 13 | Daily Updates

Day 13 of Bigg Boss 5 Tamil begins with Mr Kamal Hassan’s pep talk. He says that he likes to watch festival and functions and had enjoyed this week’s show. He then takes us through what had happened on Thursday night and Friday inside the house.

Priyanka, Abhishek, Akshara, Raju and Varun talks about Chinnaponnu’s reaction during the drama. Priyanka says that she is elder and could’ve understood that it wasn’t done intentionally. She also adds that the drama got spoiled because of that. Akshara adds that nothing had happened since she is elder, she had expected some respect. Abhishek says that it is all his fault and he would accept the blame.

Chinnaponnu and Thamarai Selvi seen talking and Chinnaponnu says that she had expected some respect and she had asked it because she has rights with the contestants.

Abhishek enters and explains how it was supposed go. It looks like they had planned to give a big introduction for Chinnaponnu but at the last moment when Thamarai Selvi had asked her to sing a devotional song right before the start of the show, they got confused. Abhishek asks sorry to Chinnaponnu. She says that there is no issue at all.

On the other end, we see Priyanka and Imman Annachi talking.  Priyanka says that Chinnaponnu spoke as if they had forgotten who she was. Since Abhishek is very close to Chinnaponnu, he wouldn’t have done that.

Abhishek then talks to Chinnaponnu, explains what had happened. He asks her to stay angry if she wants to but he wants to ask sorry. Other contestants asks him to stay calm as he was raising his voice. Abhishek tells that they have no rights to tell him how to talk to Chinnaponnu as he starts his day by getting her blessings.

Thamarai Selvi, Abhishek and Priyanka then talks about the same and Priyanka says that she is hurt. She adds that Chinnaponnu were close to them all and even after spending lot of time with them, she had acted this way before the public.

Pavni and Madhumitha talks in the restroom. Madhumitha says that Akshara had told her that everyone is targeting her.(talking about the latest task to pick best and worst contestant).

Pavni says that she would explain about it later and asks Madhumitha not to believe everyone. Abhishek and Pavni talks about what had happened and Pavni says she doesn’t feel right as even Akshara has nominated Madhumitha. She asks why Akshara had to do this. She should’ve been straightforward, instead, she is following some strategy. Abhishek says that he is yet to start playing games in the house. If he does, he would take on every single contestant here.

Akshara, Pavni and Abhishek discuss about the strongest and weakest contestant. Something, as judges, they should’ve announced right after the drama. Thus, Abhishek asks them to hurry up.

Abhishek and Priyanka talks about what Pavni had told to Abhishek about Abhinay.

Pavni has doubts in latter’s moves. She saw him as a brother but it looks like he had asked whether they could discuss some strategy to stay in house. Pavni is against it and had told everything to Abhishek.

Niroop and Abhinay arrives and Abhishek changes the topic instantly.

We see Raju making fun of Thamarai Selvi and then Abhishek asks Raju to take care of him today as there is going to be some war in the house. Later, Raju discusses about the next leader in the house with Thamarai and Nadia.

Everyone feels that Abhishek would be a good leader as he talks to everyone.

Pavni then talks to Madhumitha about what is going on between her and Abhinay. Madhumitha says that Abhinay is just being protective.

Madhumitha also adds that somebody had told Varun to stay away from Pavni. The latter feels bad for that.

Pavni then calls Abhinay and clarifies about their relationship stand. Abhinay says that there is nothing at all. He adds that since she was the first person he knew inside the house, he wanted to bond and recently, he had felt that they had drifted apart. Therefore, he wanted to talk again.

Mr Kamal Haasan meets the contestants. He asks about Thamarai’s experience about being the first captain of the house.

She says that it is luck and all the contestants deserve more than her. She adds that she was afraid initially but then with the help of other contestants, she got used to it.

Priyanka says that Thamarai wasn’t like this before but she had learnt so much in recent days. In fact, everyone had doubts about her innocence when she initially came into the house. Even Priyanka had a talk to her regarding the same. However, they understood that it took her time adjust to this set up but she had done well. Raju adds that she could’ve been more commanding but has improved a lot comparatively.

Kamal then moves on to ask about the captain selection task and about the fight that had happened.

Imman explains how Abhinay had tried to destroy other’s balloon even after he got out of the game. Abhinay agrees that he went overboard because he was frustrated that he got out early. Along with Akshara, Varun, he was looking for some loopholes in the rule but they didn’t read it the note properly. When Iyakki and others read the rule once again, they understood and had asked sorry. Mr Kamal appreciates Iyakki for her presence of mind.

Niroop adds that Abhinay didn’t want him to become the leader. Abhinay says that he is the strong contestant, thus, he had to do that.

Mr Kamal interferes and says that they actually think that way because of his appearance. In fact, he wasn’t in the final two.

The talk then moves to Chinnaponnu and Thamarai Selvi. Kamal asks about Chinnaponnu’s reaction when Thamarai had told that it was a fight between two different arts. Chinnaponnu says that she was a bit hurt but that and Mr Kamal adds that both are equally important as other art and they are equally a big artist as he is. At least that is how he sees them and a win for any of these two is a win for the art.

Mr Kamal then moves on to contestants’ story.  Talking to Thamarai Selvi, he says that his story happens to many of the girls in the country but what he had loved from the story is that she wasn’t asking for any sympathy but her aim was to make her son comeback. He motivates her by saying that he would’ve heard the story and good things will happen.

He then moves to Priyanka’s story and talks about the importance of apathy. He says that everyone must look to help others whenever they can.

Mr Kamal says that he loved the way Raju had narrated the story but one thing he wouldn’t accept in that story is that this is the first scene of his life and not the interval. In fact, everyone’s story is just starting and he have seen that.

Talking about Akshara’s story, Mr Kamal asks why she had cried after revealing her story. She says that there were many questions from her story.

In fact, Priyanka also asked about it and how she is here without any goals. Akshara says that life is not only about cinema and one can live without that. Mr Kamal agrees and asks Priyanka why she had disliked her story. Priyanka said that she is very talented but hasn’t really found her goal yet. Priyanka doesn’t feel it is right. Mr Kamal says that there is always two sides to the story and some people doesn’t like talking about it all in front of everyone.

Akshara cries while talking about her goals and how she had not found anything. Mr Kamal asks Imman Annachi to talk about what he had told earlier. How Akshara had managed to win Beauty Pageant International contest and how nobody has done that before.

He then asks Raju about what had happened with Priyanka when he gave like to Akshara. He says that he loves Akshara as a sister and therefore he had given like there. He also adds that he loved the honesty in the story and how all the stories doesn’t have to be about struggles in life. Priyanka adds that she wanted Raju to give her dislike as it would have impacted her and since Akshara is very close to Raju, he would’ve helped her to find out her goals. Raju agrees for the same. Mr Kamal then announces that all three are safe.

During the break, we see Pavni crying and Thamarai Selvi tries to console her. It looks like Akshara had hurt her by using certain words.

Once the break ends, Mr Kamal then asks Isaivani about her journey inside the house. Isai feels like contestants are avoiding her. She narrates a couple of situations for the same as well. Priyanka says that nobody is like that and Isai is more like the chella ponnu in the house because of her age. She also adds that because of her age, a lot of times, she had left the place when Priyanka and other contestants were having conversation.

Abhinay says that he is talking to her and adds that he even promised to go to her house and to have food together once they are out.

Niroop says that whenever she had come and spoke to him, he had always talked. He adds that he is always ready to talk to her. Everyone says the same and Mr Kamal asks contestants to take care of that and says that it is their responsibility to make her feel comfortable.

Mr Kamal then asks about Pavni and why she was crying during the break. Pavni says that it was because of Akshara’s words.

Akshara says that Pavni had made fun of everyone telling that it could be their last meal at home as elimination is on the way. While it had started as fun initially, it was irritating later on.

Pavni adds that she had already asked sorry for that and it was started by someone else and she was just doing what others were doing. Since others also took it for fun, she continued it.

Pavni is hurt because Akshara had told her that she didn’t respect anyone’s choices and none of them had even liked her to nominate. Pavni says that she had thanked everyone for not nominating her and she also know that it wouldn’t be the case in the next week.

After hearing that, Mr Kamal says that the real problem is yet to start in the house and this problem is because the contestants are yet to understand each other.

He then moves to elimination process. He splits ten contestants into five pairs.

Isaivani- Chinnaponnu
Madhumitha- Suruthi
Ciby – Varun
Abhinay- Nadia
Abhishek- Iyakki

He then says that he would select one contestant from each pair and they are safe for the week. Isaivani, Suruthi, Ciby, Abhinay, Iyakki are saved for the week.

Varun, Nadia, Abhishek, Madhumitha, Chinnaponnu  are left. One contestant from the five will be eliminated tomorrow.

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