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Day 3 of Bigg Boss Tamil begins with Vaathi Coming song. Chinnaponnu’s night outfit (Nighty) goes missing and Priyanka hilariously shouts about it to Bigg Boss. She continues to complain, about having only one vessel for whole cooking team.

We then see Abhishek, Iyakki, Raju enjoy the rain. Then Chinnaponnu sings “Gaana Karunguliye” song from Sethu while others produce beat for the song in the dining room.

We move to the luxury budget task round. Imman Annachi is the next to speak.

His story-
His name is Immanuel from Thoothukudi and wanted to do something in cinema. Thus, he came to Chennai. He thought that several directors would wait for him when he reached Chennai but none other than porters were there. He moved to Panagal Park, searched for a job, in many places he was the only one to talk in Tamil while everyone knew only English.

He then wrote a letter to a friend asking money, he sent 100rs. He had 910rs in his bag after having food but someone stole 900rs from that. Imman Annachi thanked them for the same.

He then reveals that he worked as vegetable vendor for 18 years and had to give away his family jewels. After 18 years, he got an opportunity in Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru season 1. Then he got into a small show in another channel before doing the Kids show in Sun TV which reached many audience.

He adds that so far, the heroes and heroines have won the show but a comedian is yet to win it. He wants to be the one.

Five contestants gives him dislike. Abhinay explains that he wanted to know more about Imman Annachi which he couldn’t from the story he had revealed. Nadia says that she couldn’t connect with the story and she doesn’t feel like explaining why. Namitha says that it felt like a cinema story and didn’t work for her.

We then see Niroop and Ciby arguing about what is fun and what is not. Ciby explains that it is okay to laugh if Niroop feels it’s funny and it’s okay if someone doesn’t find it funny. It’s perspective. However, Niroop says that he couldn’t understand how it works.

Imman Annachi makes a joke and ends the conversation as everyone laughs and leaves the room.

In the living room, Niroop, Ciby, Abhishek continue the same conversation with Ciby explaining the same to which Abhishek agrees.

In the dining room, Raju calls everyone ask about the restroom situation and asks everyone to keep it clean.

In the boys room, Abhishek reviews everyone like he does for the film. He starts with Iyakki, then Ciby.

Abhishek’s review hurts Thamarai Selvi. He says “Pattaiya Pottu oora aemathuvaa”. She says she hates if someone talks about it. Abhishek says as a brother he has all rights to do it. Imman Annachi helps sort out the fight and it ends with laughter once again.

Suruthi is the next to talk about her story. She shed tears even before talking.

Her mother is the second wife a man who is elder and of the age of her grandfather. Right after the death of his first wife, he got married her mother.

Her mother was 18 at that time. They were cousins. Since her father’s family had helped her grandfather financially, they “gave” their daughter. Her father already had five children and four of them were elder than her mother.

Her grandfather didn’t come from a wealthy family, lived in a hut had three kids, no electricity. Thus, they gave away her mother for the marriage so that at least she would have meals thrice a day.

Later, when her mother got conceived, her father said that he didn’t want another child but if she wants, she can have it. Thus, father saw Suruthi as an unwanted child right from the start. He was there until she was 11 years old and she never called him as father. He even would throw away her things in anger because of his hatred towards her. He was also insecure in relationship with her mother because of the age difference. He would even make her and Suruthi to sleep outside.

When he died, she actually felt happy. They lived with his pension for a while and never knew that they had debts until his death. They had to suffer because of that.

They didn’t have any money and three years between 2006 to 2009, she learnt a lot from life during that period.They had 10rs for Rava Upma and that’s that.

Her mother sacrificed her life for her. She joined basketball and with the help of scholarship, she finished her schooling and did well in the college, finished it with distinction. Her mother met with a major accident and she realized that she had to work to survive. She had multiple offers, picked a company worked there for two years before coming to Chennai. Modeling happened accidentally for her and from Darkness Divine changed everything for her. She asks everyone to think well before taking a decision and asks everyone to learn to say no. She receives hearts and likes, no dislike. 

At the dining room, Priyanka says Abhishek Raaja would get an award as Bigg Boss five’s “koluththi”.

Then Priyanka makes fun of Preethi and Premier products and Imman Annachi says that she is live on television.

She replies that the time she came into Bigg Boss, she knew she is going to be banned from all Vijay TV shows. Unfortunately, she has one year contract with them. Thus, cannot move out and is going to survive with YouTube channel.

Then she continues to make fun of Bigg Boss. She talks in Bigg Boss voice and says that they are so going to regret for this season. It turns into laughing riot.

Niroop tells Priyanka to ask towel to Bigg Boss and she literally begs to Bigg Boss to help her, saying that she has to maintain the swag with all contestants as they respect her and says their problems to her.

Later,  Namitha enters and the camera shifts to her. Priyanka realizes that, says that the Bigg Boss has improved from Nisha( in the last season) to Namitha now. Everyone has a big laugh.

We move to dining room. Priyanka asks Thamarai Selvi how she knew about Bigg Boss. The latter says that she had no idea about it. When the concerned people contacted her, she was elated and then asked around about the show. Those people said that the contestant would fight inside and asked her to be careful.

Priyanka asks about elimination process and Thamarai Selvi asks what is meant by that. There was an uncontrollable laughter among contestants.

Later, we hear Bigg Boss calls Priyanka. She shivers. Seconds later, asks her to wear her mic properly.

We then move to Thamarai Selvi. She realizes what is meant by elimination and literally begs not to send her. Tells that she is happy here and most importantly, they have air conditioner here. The contestants laughs at her innocence.

Minutes later, a few contestants asks Pavni to react how she came inside the Bigg Boss house for the first time. She does it. She even adds that she is very silent and doesn’t talk much. Everyone goes berserk hearing that. With that, the episode ends.

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