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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 | Day 1 | Daily updates

Day one starts with original version of “Peru Vechalum” song. We then see a few boys and girls discussing the Tamil word for “positive”. In other room, Isai Vani sings a song along with Madhumitha.

Namitha says that she wants to call Bigg Boss as “Kanmani”.

Minutes later, they receive all the products, including groceries and vegetables.

Priyanka, Chinnaponnu plans what to cook for the day as others arrange things.

Varun asks Raju whether they can come up with a way to track the day and date. Akshara takes a dig at them asking what they are going to do knowing that. She says that she doesn’t want to make fun of them directly as this is their first day.

We then see Priyanka talking to Madhumitha, asking about her life and other questions regarding language, etc.

Other side, Thamaraiselvi cries a bit, missing her family, Iyakki Berry consoles her.

3:10 PM, Bigg Boss asks the contestant to assemble. They decide the captain for each team.

Raju, Namitha, Chinnaponnu, Pavni, Niroop stands up. Each chooses a chore.

Raju- Bathroom clean
Namitha- Vessel washing
Chinnaponnu- Cooking

Pavni and Niroop discusses and both wants to pick cleaning but Bigg Boss says that only one could be the leader for one team. Pavni says she wants to be there and thus, Bigg Boss asks Niroop to sit.

The leaders then pick their team.

Cleaning team, Pavni:
Iyakki, Nadia, Isaivani, Abhinay

Cooking team, Chinnaponnu:
Priyanka, Akshara Reddy, Ciby

Vessel washing team, Namitha:
Suruthi, Madhumitha, Niroop

Restroom team, Raju:
Imman Annachi, Varun, Thamarai Selvi, Abhishek Raaja

We see Ciby talk about his films to Madhumitha.

Thamaraiselvi, on the other hand, cannot believe that Pavni has acted in serials, says that she looks like 17 years old. Pavni replies that she is happy hear it but she is 33. Thamaraiselvi, in shock, says that they both are same age and Pavni replies that it is because of the outfits she is wearing.

Pavni then reveals that she has stopped doing serials as she wants to do web series from now on. Thamaraiselvi curiously ask what is mean by that, Pavni explains.

4:50 PM, Cooking team prepares tea, juice for the contestants. Akshara wants to prepare tea. Chinnaponnu explains how to prepare tea to Ciby.

We see Isaivani, Raju, Abhishek sitting at the dining room, talking. Isaivani says she just found out whom Iyakki Berry resembles. Raju interrupts to say that she resemble the film Jameen Kotai  grandmother. Isaivani says that she looks like Shakira.

They then make fun of cooking team for taking so much time for tea. Abhishek Raaja then thanks them for the tea.

5:40 pm
The girls and Imman Annachi looks into camera. Priyanka wants them all to tell “no” while doing different expressions.

6:00 pm
Raju makes fun of Iyakki and Madhumitha once again. Then Priyanka complains to Raju regarding the toilet being wet.

Priyanka says she is excited to cook rasam. Raju then asks Iyakki and Madhumitha if they are married. Iyakki says she is committed while Abhishek says that he is divorced.

Then we see the cooking team make tiffen for the evening.


Raju begins to tell a horror story while Thamaraiselvi, Iyakki, Madhumitha, Ciby, Akshara, Varun listens. They make fun of each and everything Raju says. Thamaraiselvi seems very involved in the story. Raju tries to scare her and it turns into a laughing riot; however, he finally scares her. The laughing gets better.

Thamaraiselvi, in the washroom, talks to Varun, says she is happy and it’s been a while since she had laughed like this. She thanks everyone for the same. Raju scares her once again by shiftly entering the room. Then ask sorry for doing so. He adds that he glad to make her laugh.

The episode ends with the same.

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