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‘Perfectionist’ Dravid bats were difficult to create: SG Managing Director

Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid used bat manufactured by SG for a brief period in his career. The most recent memory of Dravid with SG bat is the Test series against England in 2011 and his three sixes in Samit Patel’s over.

Talking about his bats, the SG Managing Director Paras Anand said to Sportskeeda that Dravid was a perfectionist and it was difficult to satisfy him.

“He is a perfectionist. The kind of specifications he would give to you for his bat was not easy for any bat-maker to give him what he needed in his bat. He would come back to you with the dimensions [saying], ‘My handle should be this thick…the edge size should be this much, the spine size [should be this much].’

“If you are off by say five grams or off by maybe half a millimetre, he would just find out. Without measuring, he would know…and he is that sort of a person and that is expected because you know the kind of a professional he is and the kind of details he gets into,” added Anand.

He also added that the Indian players visit the SG office at least once a year. SG currently sponsors more than 50 international cricketers and at least 100 domestic players all around the world.

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